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Yes, the STAB circuits work on the antenna in STBY, but only after a 3 minute warmup for the gyro to stabilize.

From 12P5-2APN59-32

9-42. Approximately 3 minutes after the application of a-c power to

the heater relay K1459, pin 2, the relay energizes. Internal contacts of

K1459 mate to apply 28-volt d-c energizing power to relay K1460. When

relay K1460 energizes 115-volt a-c power is removed from the relay

K1459 heater filament and applied through pin T of J1451 to the rotor

windings of the pitch and roll synchro transmitters in the

Stabilization Unit. Relay K1460 is latched in the energized state by

28-volt d-c power through its own contacts.

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And the coolest thing is that it didn't take any dang software to make it all happen!

Software? When I was working the APN-59D on the 130s and 135s the running joke was they (Sperry) had taken the 59, switched it to solid state components........and made it 75lbs heavier; that was considered progress. I shudder to think what adding software to the 59 would do!

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