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This is what tactical airlifters do best, that is on the rare occasion when it is used on a tactical mission. It appears the ex141 drivers have learned well how to back.

During the AMST [email protected], max effort landings like this one were an almost daily occurance. Touchdown down at 85 knots, stop in less that 1800 ft. What was weird was that as the acft. begain final approach for a stol landing and the flaps were deployed, the crew had to throttle up to overcome drag induced by the large flaps hanging out. The flap position created so much downward exhaust flow it created a dust cloud as the acft. came over the fence. So instead of throttles comming back with a corresponding decrease in engine noise as the acft. neared touchdown it was just the opposite on the YC-14/15.

Notice the acft. is flown to touchdown without flare. During the test program we took both acft. on the road to allow line C-130 pilots to fly them. It was humerous to watch these pilots try to flare the acft only to have it float several thousand feet down the runway before at last touching down.

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