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Tail Number Converter


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Stupid question, how does it work? I've typed in a few tails and nothing came up.

The format has to be correct or it will not recognize the tail number. Ex 55-0022

550022, 0022 etc, will not work. It does not have every tail number for every airframe but it does most. Let me know which one(s) you can't find and I'll research/add it.

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If you entered the current numbers it should work but it must be formatted correctly. Example. 55-0022 not 550022 or 5022; CH-04 not CH04 or ch-04; A97-008 not A97008 or a97-008; etc.

I know it works in Internet Explorer (Java must be installed,) does not work in Safari, and I have no idea about any other browsers.

It is not perfect but as said before, all the original tail/reg numbers loaded and almost all of the current ones should be there. If there are particular tail numbers that are not loaded let me know and I will add them.

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From a PM:

Hi Casey,

Did you accidentally lock the topic? Can't reply anymore. Anyway, I tried again and even though I used the correct format when I last tried it there was no result on the RAF and Belgian AF Hercs but now that I tried again they did work. What still doesn't work though is the Netherlands Air Force Hercs though. (G-273 (5273), G-275 (5275), G-781 (4781), G-988 (4988)).

I use Mozilla Firefox by the way.


I did accidently lock the thread. It is now unlocked.

The I used Bob Daley's production list as a source for the converter. It had 5273 as G273 and 5275 as G275. They are now fixed; G-273 and G-275.) 4781 and 4988 are recent tail number changes; I have added the new numbers.

Thanks for the feedback.

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