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CCK Tail Numbers

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Welcome to the site. I'm sure many on this site most likely knew your dad. What was his name?

William R. "Bill" Moore, I believe he was a Major at the time he was at CCK, was later promoted to Lt. Col. before he retired from Forbes AFB, KS

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I was in the 776 TAS from March 67 to July 69. I remember some numbers, hopefully my memory won't fail me. 62-1792, 64-0515

I am also looking for some fellow airmen

Doyle Frazer

Bob Saley

&&& Warren, his first name escapes me

Adley Esin formerly from PA

Ray Rayan

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I was in the 314th doppler shop and worked on all the C-130E's but do not remember any of the numbers. We even worked on the ones with the trailer and all the antenae but we would have to wait until the trailer was removed before we could go on board.  I flew on one to Okinawa, transferred to a C-130A which took me TDY to Vietnam.    I returned to CCK on one of our E models.    Wish I could be more help.  I left CCK in 68 and was assigned to 100 Strat Recon at Davis Monthan.  We had the DC-130s,  both A and E models.

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