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Engine On Speed


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Sounds like the old Hyd pressure limits....

"full system pressure by ON SPEED" Is this the question?

If so:

There is a LSGI limitation which is not "on speed" (minimum of 2550)

Then there is the full system pressure 29-3200 by "on speed" (HSGI within limits) (but the limit does not apply if the RPM is less than 100%)(in our books)

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If this is about hydraulic pressure and engine speeds, in the Hercules Service Information Letter No. 18, dated 1 NOV 77, there is an artical which addresses "Acceptable Hydraulic Pressure". The values presented in the charts are based on a New York Air Brake but they say they are representive for the Vickers, Abex and all other engine driven hydraulic pumps for the Hercules.

The utility system is the only one which drops to 2,550 PSI with only one engine at LSGI and the elevator control column against the forward stop. This would put the utility system to a possible leakage/by-pass rate of 4.3 GPM.

If the question is only about the engine being on speed then "normally" we start in LSGI and when it stables there it is "on speed". But if the LSGI system is unservicable then "on speed" would be at normal speed ground idle.

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