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We are attacked by the cycling of oil cooler flap during cruise, the cycling is taken place every 5 to 10 minutes (fully closed X fully opened), long time when I was lucky, the most was solved by replacing the temp control thermostat in these days and age it cost me three “shoots†to keep it calm.

Appreciate any idea/tips/special ground check to avoid the ugly phrase “Defect Repeated THREEE timesâ€.

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Oil temp during the cycling (as reported) within the normal range; once temp hits the 80 oil cooler then will take full open position, and as oil cooled and reach the 60, the cooler then will take the full closed position.

Note: ignoring the cycling leads (in one case) for the actuator to fail; hence we got the message.

Both types of thermostat are in used in our aircrafts with variety of parts numbers (most of them as I know solid-state types).

Which part numbers or type caught on the act?.... I need to check defects history.(weekends Friday and Saturday on the HOT regions).

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