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Well, I went and did it!!!!! Right or wrong???


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Not that I want to defend any of the moron VA admin welfare cases but they are normally pretty swamped denying claims and with the war on they are probably really overwhelmed.

BUT on that point, since its been six months since you filed your claim and have heard nothing, call the clowns and see what your can find out where your claim status is at, and if you get the run around or feel like your getting jerked off by them DO NOT BE AFRAID to file a congressional. In my process with the VA, between my retirement in 04 and last year I filed SEVEN congressional's and it really works well normally.

Believe me, they do not mind. All the congressmen have staff, and there are certain members of the staff that that is their only job, to follow and settle OUR VA complaints .

Also, NEVER EVER send anything to the VA without sending it Sig Service, i.e. registered and return receipt - it really blows the wind out of their sails when you can state the date time and clown that accepted your package.

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Just remember the VA's philosophy" "Dead claimants means dead claims.""""""" I am still playin' with mine as well, but I've only been in the mix about 5 months..........Hell it takes 9 months to have a baby. Plus, i MAY have developed an issue that will change a whole bunch of things. still workin' on that, and it came as a BIG surprise........... And through all of this stuff we are goin' through, I still have the VA doc tellin' my Dad that he would cure his of emphysema, ringin' in my head. Musta been a hell of a doc, but Pap didn't live long enough to get cured. We really need to be careful, I think......As Dan so well states, you gotta have times, dates, places, on record for your dealings with them. They want that from you to prove every damn thing you claim, but it sure rattles the when you can say 'Oh No, mr. man, THIS is what I sent you and when , and who got it." I don't think anyone on this board is askin' for anything more than a fair deal that we felt may be important someday when we signed that big check that we would pay anything, up to givin' our life, for this country. At least we earned what we are entitled to, not just holdin' out our hand and sayin' "Fill it."" Just don't give up, they may finally settle up with you just so you will go away...............


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Muff is telling you like it is. I was a Crew Chief at Naha, with Det's to Tan Son Nhut and Cam Ranh 69-70. I worked in "D" Section on 504 and 512, with Brian Maxwell and Roger Smith. I hung around with Noel Hug, Randy Prater, Kenny Watson and Bruce Grimm. I enrolled back in 99' with no health issues. But in 2008 after I retired, I started not to feel very good, with low energy and fatigue. I went and got a physical. My protein level was very high. After more blood tests and a kidney biopsy, I was diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis. AL Amyloidosis is a rare disease caused when an abnormal protein, amyloid, enters tissues or organs. AL Amyloidosis is not a cancer, but it can occur because of some cancers. Your bone marrow makes protective antibodies. Antibodies are proteins that protect you against infection and disease. After they have served their function, these antibodies are broken down and recycled by your body. If you have Amyloidosis, cells in the bone marrow produce antibodies that cannot be broken down. These antibodies then begin to build up in the bloodstream. Ultimately, they leave the bloodstream and can deposit in your tissues as amyloid. Symptoms depend on which organs are affected, Affected organs may include heart, kidneys, liver, bowel, skin, nerves, joints, lungs. Symptoms may include fatigue, weight loss, shortness of breath, numbness, tingling, weakness. I was given 10-15 months to live, if I did not receive treatment. So I went on a clinical trial with the Mayo Clinic. They put me on oral chemo; and steroids. I am still here 40 months later. There are recent findings of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Institute of Medicine committee report that link Primary Systemic Amyloidosis (AL) to Agent Orange, and it has been presumed a disability by the Veterans Affairs. I filed my claim through the St. Johns County Veteran Service Office, St. Augustine, Fl November 25, 2008, that I was exposed to (Herbicides) Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam, and I was awarded 100% disability. Amyloidosis - is a monoclonal disorder closely related to multiple myeloma.

Go to the VA website and enroll now. http://www.va.gov/ , also look up Agent Orange list of diseases at this web site.

Herky 504

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