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    Herky504, Dinkins

    Southeast Asia 69-70
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    From the album: Herky504, Dinkins

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    The Cage

    Does anyone from Naha remeber sending you bird to Kadina TDY for two weeks to sit on alert? Do you remeber the mission, it was classified????? Cigar Bob
  4. Herky 504


    I was asst CC on 7786 at LAFB, 71-72. Took her on many of TDY's, she was a great bird. I had to leave her at CCK in Nov72 during the Spring Offensive. l rotated home for discharge and the acft stayed. Bob Daley, I may have flown with you on some rotations to Mildehall or Panama with the 37 TAS and 316th OMS. I found quite a few flights on 7786 while at Langley. I flew rotes to Mildenhall and Wiesbaden in 70, Rhein Main and Weisbaden and Panama in 71, Mildenhall in 72, CCK in 72 and 73. We probably flew together. Thanks for the great airplane. Bob
  5. Larry, Your are right about Gregorio. I met him through Bill Gohegan and Nole Hugg. We three arrived at the 374th OMS in July 69 as newbee's. They were assigned to "A" Section and I went to "D" Section on Acft 504 working for Roger Smith and Msgt Domi. It was some great times a Naha and the TDY's to Nam and Thialand.
  6. I agree with you guy's, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. But as 20 year old, I loved the job and would not trade the experience for the the world. Being a CC was great for me.
  7. Thanks alot Sam. Was at Naha 69-71 with 374th OMS.
  8. Sonny, Your wife's memory's will always be with you—but yes, in time your pain over her death will fade. It won't happen all at once, but little by little comfort will come—with God's help. I lost my mother to cancer. US Air Force motto: "Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win" Bob
  9. Ken, I have a wallet size card (AF 1274) orange in color and a (AF 1256) Blue in color for the cetificate of training. I hope this helps.
  10. I do remember some of the "Bind Bat" RAMP RAT'S but I will have to rack my brain to remember. I am not the same remembering after 30 months of Chemo. Keep on Truckin'.
  11. Becky, I was a Crew Chief also at Naha 69-71 with 374th TAW. I did spend some time in Thailand, but most of my TDY's were at Cam Ranh Bay. I was diagnosed with AL Amyliodosis in 2008. The VA has regonized this desease, certain cancers and other health problems as presumptive diseases associated with exposure to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service. I recomend that you use your County Veterans Service Office or Vietnam Veterans of America as your advocate. I am now recieving 100% compensation. Most of these claims are taking 18 months to two years to be resolved. Good luck and tell Ben, "Welcome Home". Also this may help. http://www.veteran.com/content/agent-orange-thailand VA Compensation & Pension Service Bulletin May 2010 After reviewing documents related to herbicide use in Vietnam and Thailand, C&P Service has determined that there was significant use of herbicides on the fenced in perimeters of military bases in Thailand intended to eliminate vegetation and ground cover for base security purposes. Evidence of this can be found in a declassified Vietnam era Department of Defense (DoD) document titled Project CHECO Southeast Asia Report: Base Defense in Thailand. Therefore, when herbicide related claims from Veterans with Thailand service are received, RO personnel should now evaluate the treatment and personnel records to determine whether the Veterans service activities involved duty on or near the perimeter of the military base where the Veteran was stationed. The majority of troops in Thailand during the Vietnam era were stationed at the Royal Thai Air Force Bases of U-Tapao, Ubon, Nakhon Phanom, Udorn, Takhli, Korat, and Don Muang. If a US Air Force Veteran served on one of these air bases as a security policeman, security patrol dog handler, member of a security police squadron, or otherwise served near the air base perimeter, as shown by MOS (military occupational specialty), performance evaluations, or other credible evidence, then herbicide exposure should be acknowledged on a facts found or direct basis. However, this applies only during the Vietnam era, from February 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975. Also troops were used as an augmentee for guard and perimeter patrol duty on the fenceline at near the airfield.
  12. Ken, I have been slow in getting back to you, sorry about that. I was at Naha June 69 to Jan 71. I was with Section "D" (YP) under Msgt Domi. Rotations on 504 and 512 with Roger Smith and Brian Maxwell to CRB, spent some time at Herky Hill. My first time at the canteen, I got tagged for a round of beers, I had my cover on. Also TDY from Langley in Apr - Oct 72 during the Sping Offensive, to CCK. Welcome Home, Bob
  13. I am old school TAC, thanks for the update.
  14. Herky 504


    All, I remember 7786 as a Langley bird with the 37th TAS. I was there Jan 1971 to December 1972. I was an asst. CC with Ron Cameron, I took her TDY to Europe, Panama, Taiwan and SEA. She always was a great bird to fly and work on. We had many of "OK" flights with her. By the way 7783 was her sister ship and she was a good bird too. They both must have come off the line at Lockheed, on a Wednesday. Bob D.
  15. Ken, Muff is telling you like it is. I was a Crew Chief at Naha, with Det's to Tan Son Nhut and Cam Ranh 69-70. I worked in "D" Section on 504 and 512, with Brian Maxwell and Roger Smith. I hung around with Noel Hug, Randy Prater, Kenny Watson and Bruce Grimm. I enrolled back in 99' with no health issues. But in 2008 after I retired, I started not to feel very good, with low energy and fatigue. I went and got a physical. My protein level was very high. After more blood tests and a kidney biopsy, I was diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis. AL Amyloidosis is a rare disease caused when an abnormal protein, amyloid, enters tissues or organs. AL Amyloidosis is not a cancer, but it can occur because of some cancers. Your bone marrow makes protective antibodies. Antibodies are proteins that protect you against infection and disease. After they have served their function, these antibodies are broken down and recycled by your body. If you have Amyloidosis, cells in the bone marrow produce antibodies that cannot be broken down. These antibodies then begin to build up in the bloodstream. Ultimately, they leave the bloodstream and can deposit in your tissues as amyloid. Symptoms depend on which organs are affected, Affected organs may include heart, kidneys, liver, bowel, skin, nerves, joints, lungs. Symptoms may include fatigue, weight loss, shortness of breath, numbness, tingling, weakness. I was given 10-15 months to live, if I did not receive treatment. So I went on a clinical trial with the Mayo Clinic. They put me on oral chemo; and steroids. I am still here 40 months later. There are recent findings of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Institute of Medicine committee report that link Primary Systemic Amyloidosis (AL) to Agent Orange, and it has been presumed a disability by the Veterans Affairs. I filed my claim through the St. Johns County Veteran Service Office, St. Augustine, Fl November 25, 2008, that I was exposed to (Herbicides) Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam, and I was awarded 100% disability. Amyloidosis - is a monoclonal disorder closely related to multiple myeloma. Go to the VA website and enroll now. http://www.va.gov/ , also look up Agent Orange list of diseases at this web site. Herky 504
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