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Remote indicating compass (C12)


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Hi to all that read,

This is my first post so I hope there are a few out there that might be able to help.

What is your preferred method for calibrating the C130 compass systems. I have always used a datum compass to sight the aircraft heading. Is there a TO to cover that?

I prefer this method over a MC testset swing.

Thanks in advance


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Yeah, compass swings have always sucked. The method I prefer to use is the INU method, which consists of towing the plane is slow circles for a couple of hours, and making different adjustments throughout.

I think its become the preferred method now on planes with scns.

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I used a combo of a Compass Rose and INU. I relied on the INU heading while using the Compass Rose as a cross reference.

Had to do a compass cal during a deployment and used the INU. First, had to be sure where we were swinging the aircraft to make sure weren't any metal under or near the location. Worked out fine.

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