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Tachikawa ???


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On 8/5/2011 at 10:13 PM, Mt.crewchief said:

I was thinking about old times again the other day, and started wondering why I don't see any posts by guys from Tachikawa!! I used to hang around with some of them when we would meet up at CRB. This is when I was on A Models from Naha 1967-1969. At the time the C-130 inputs were A Models from Tachi and Naha, and B Models from PI.

I don't remember if the Tachi birds left CRB before I left Naha or not! I do know that they and the Naha A Models were not at CRB when I started going back to there from CCK in April 69.

I guess I am probably confusing people with my dumb questions, but I guess the real question is ---are there any Tachi troops here???





In 1965 when we first arrived at CCK they did not have any barracks built yet and we stayed in tents for a short period. We were sent TDY to Tachikawa Japan for 90 days and our birds flew their missions from there then finally we were returned to CCK and they had a few barracks for us.


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On ‎5‎/‎14‎/‎2012 at 8:29 PM, 314FMS said:
Mt.crewchief said:



On ‎5‎/‎14‎/‎2012 at 9:32 PM, 314FMS said:



Wondering if you were at Tachi in early 66 when an A model was being refueled after being in phase docks, left wing cracked leaking fuel onto ramp, right wing went heavy and tipped aircraft wing into ramp, cracking it and leaking more fuel. Fire trucks hosed down the area for a long time and I heard they were worried about Tachi city blowing up if fire hit the fuel in the sewers. I think I may have a picture of the aircraft in a hanger with the left wing outboard of #2 engine missing, but aircraft number is not visible. Wing was replaced and aircraft flew again as far as I know.

While I was at Naha June 65- Nov 66 We had a Thyphoon bugout. We had all the hangers full and only one plane left. I don't remember the tail number but it had just came back from IRAN I think at Tachi.

We towed it out in front of base ops ( maybe the tower) and close to the fire dept and started refueling it. We checked the wing vents and they weren't obstructed on the outside so we started refueling. We were almost done when this loud popping sound started, I was close to the refueling panel and saw the rivets pop out. I couldn't believe what was happening.

The fire truck was on us before we could do anything. They started spraying water on the fuel then put foam with the water. This all went into the storm drain and down the road past the Navy part of the ramp.

There were concerns about the fuel smell and the end of the ramp catching fire.

The wing did not drop off and we got it defueled before the left wing drooped. When they went inside the tank Masking tape was found blocking the fuel vent. We wondered how they got it refueled to fly to Naha.


My computer crashed sometime back and I lost my password and email and had to get a new account here. I am donwon.

I think I posted this somewhere else but right now don't remember where.

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Msgt Rock no dumb questions here you brought up some interesting facts. When I first got to Naha in Sep 68 we were working 12's , 7 days a week My first down country was to TSN. When I went back in 69 Dec we moved to CRB and the E's from CCK swap ed with us at TSN. The A'sand B's were at CRB. Just an added fact when I first got to Naha we (Electric Shop) were undermanned and we had Electricians from CCK TDY so we could do our mission. I also remember when the "A" model gunships came to us from Ubon because they needed all the generators changed because of brush failure!, but we got er done!  So you see Rock your bullet brings back many great memories! 

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On 8/6/2011 at 1:53 PM, Muff Millen said:

Ken you are right ....I have forgotten when Tachi closed down the "A" operation....but the 345 TAS moved from CCK to Kadena Dec 1973 then moved to Tachi in 1975 and are still there. The guys are probably too busy doing back to back TDYs to the sand box.



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