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APN-59 replacement

Weasel Pilot

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In a way you did; here's what was posted: Many of the APN-59s are being replaced with the APN-241, a Northrop Grumman low power color weather radar (LPCR). There is a TCTO, but I don't recall the number just offhand.


Doesn't entirely address whether any APN-161s were ever installed and if so, starting when. Did the APN-161 get "thrown under the bus" in favor of the APN-241?

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I have never heard of the APN-161. There aren't very many aircraft with the APN-59 left, according to the tail number listings in the TCTO. However, with the AMP thing going, it a toss-up of how the aircraft will eventually be modified, but they will get the APN-241.


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