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fuel correction light


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You may have a failed relay box. There is a support beam under and behind your engine oil tank. On the back side of that beam is a relay box that is part of the TD system. One of the relays in there can be causing your problem.

Steve is 100% correct. Out of the three times I've seen this problem, all of them were caused by a failed engine relay box. You may also have a failed 94% switch in the speed sensitive control.

You don't even need to perform an engine run to ops check this function of the new relay box. Just slave a new relay box in, and advance the throttle with the engine not running. If it still has the problem, short out pins F and D on the speed sensitive control and try again. If shorting out pins F and D on the speed sensitive control fixes the problem, the speed sensitive control is bad.

Something for everybody to keep in mind for troubleshooting strange temp controlling light issues without running engines, you can fool the engine into going to temp controlling mode by simply disconnecting the speed sensitive control cannon plug, and the light should go out and come on with throttle movement. It is a very useful tool for strange temp controlling problems, or the fuel correction light just not coming on or not going out when it's supposed to (light receptical issues).

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Check wires between the SSC and the engine junction box with the SSC connected (less than 94% switch should be colsed).

If the wiring is open the engine thinks it is "above" 94% and there will be no power to keep the correction light illuminated with the throttle above 65degrees.

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you keep on flying the bird so!! it means you do get the right torque at take off and the throttle allignment is ok!!??....if yes!....at least you can relax and have a coffe while you're thinkin' about it

The main thing is that you need the right power with no overtemp......no throttle split. Run it and try to give us some more info!

(maybe I'm out of line!)

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