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E Flt @ CCK


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E-Flight move from Naha, Okinawa in 1971, when the base closed for us Air Force people. And now for E-Flight........Not to be a smart john , i'll let one of the other members info you. Did anyone know a msgt Frize, when change over to OMS he was the A flight boss of E-Flight & Blind Bat.

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E-Flight were the Silver C-130A's that were sister ships to Blind Bat at Naha which was part of the 374th. In 1971 E-Flight moved to CCK with Gray C-130E's when the 314th moved back to the US and the 374th moved to CCK.

We had 5 Gray Birds. We moved to Clark in mid 1974,where I discharged from E-Flt and the USAF in late July 1974.



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OK guys, I hate to show my ignorance, but this is really bugging me. What is E FLT? Help??


Here's a web site that might explain what E-flight was. It's in PDF format. Around page 11 (I think) is where E-flight is sort of explained.

Click here: http://www.utdallas.edu/library/collections/speccoll/Leeker/c130.pdf

Don R.

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forgot the hyperlink. DOH!
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I saw recently someone claimed that E Flight airplanes besides being used by Air America in Laos were also used by the Taiwanese to fly deep into Mainland China. Not confirmed. I remember some black C-123's at Nha Trang that were supposedly used by the Taiwanese for that but had not heard about the Herks.

There is a lot of info out there about Herks supporting Tibet, but those were not reported as E Flight?


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