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Does anybody knows what's this?


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hello everyone,i have some question:confused::confused:

when i saw the imgs,i found a tower on the top of the aircraft,like this



does anybody knows what's this?radar or sth?

and i saw the stuff on c-130E c-130H,is it the dedicated equipment of those two plane?

hope someone explain to me,thank u very much :):)

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From a foggy old memory, back in the day, as said it's the Station Keeping Equipment radome. On top of the instrument panel there's a mount where we usually kept the APN 59 radar repeater scope for the pilots. For SKE missions we swapped it out for the SKE scope. Each aircraft in the mission had specific info to input into the SKE system - offsets, distances, unique aircraft IDs, etc.

It was intended for formation flying in less than VFR weather conditions. Not sure if many people actually trusted it much but it was a tool to train with.

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We still use it. However, even numbered aircraft (wingmen) are offset 500 ft to the right of their element leaders while odd aircraft (element leads) have 0 cross track. Gone are the days of the 3-ship element. Now it's the 2-ship element.

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