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C-130B Fact Sheet


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Found this for you:

Crew: Five

Engines: Four Allison T56-A-7 turboprops; 4,050 hp each

Wingspan: 132 ft 7 in

Length: 97 ft 9 in

Height: 38 ft 3 in

Weight: empty: 72,892 lbs; gross: 135,000 lbs; max: 175,000 lbs

Speed: cruise: 328 mph; max: 384 mph

Range: 2,090 miles

Service Ceiling: 41,300 ft

Armament: None

Cost: $22,900,000 (approximate)

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Dosen't sound right to me.Maybe it depends on the defination of "service ceiling".

Service Ceiling - The height at which, under standard atmospheric conditions, an aircraft is unable to climb faster than a specified rate (100 feet or 30 meters per minute in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada), but for jet aircraft 500 ft min, 150 m min.

Absolute Ceiling - The maximum altitude above sea level at which an aircraft or missile can maintain horizontal flight under standard atmospheric conditions.

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Service ceiling was totally dependent on weight and temp. As George said where the aircraft could only climb at 100 Ft/Min.

Cruise ceiling was where the aircraft could climb at 300 FPM.

Usual ceiling was 25,000 feet for us, because of Oxygen requirements. We did not have quick don masks back then and one pilot and the LM had to wear a helmet with his mask on above 25,000. No one wanted to do that. Of course there are rumors of crews that flew up to about 29,000 without their helmets, but those must have been the active duty guys. Max altitude I heard of was 44,500 for a Halo drop.

Really liked the B, a lot better than the E. The only bad thing was range.

The only B I knew of that had -15's was 58-0712 when it was with NASA as N707NA.


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Don't know about the service ceiling, but that fact sheet also has the B-model fittied with 4 x T56A-15 engines. Maybe they were modified, but back in my day, they had -7 motors.

Don R.

Yeah, I didn't catch that. Since I knew it was -7s, I must have just skipped over it.

I find it hard to believe that the info is not on the Lockheed site. At least, I couldn't find it.

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