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Need Help with old TCTO


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Well, I’ve exhausted my resources so I figured I would ask this group. I’m trying to track down an old TCTO number. I believe it was issued in the early to mid 70s but I’ve looked and talked to people in the SPO and can’t find anything. The TCTO deals with the engine QEC kit upper longerons. There are pockets in the longeron and the pockets had drain holes installed on the forward ends, the problem was the drain holes were drilled in the wrong position and still allowed the pocket to collect water, thus causing corrosion. The TCTO instructed technicians to go in an apply sealant into the radius of each pocket to act as a damn and force the water back to the drain hole to drain. I know the TCTO happened…I remember applying the sealant to longerons in the mid 80s when I arrived at Pope (a queen bee location for engines). Not only did we apply the sealant, we changed out many upper longerons because of the corrosion. The 1C-130A-23 talks about the problem but that’s about it, then again, the problem was corrected with the TCTO so not a big requirement to go into detail. The problem now is the C-130J has the same problem and I would rather work smarter and plagiarize an existing TCTO than write it from scratch. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Here is a pix of an existing longeron that has not had sealant applied. You can see where water/fluids have collected and pose a problem.

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I doubt this was an aircraft TCTO. Since it's part of the QEC, it probably would have been issued as a TO supplement, and I don't remember what the QEC T.O. is, but it would have been issued as say, 19C1-56-2-201. The 201 being the important part. Again the first part of the number I made up.

Found my list of TOs. 16W14-12-2(3)-???

I didn't see anything on my list of rescinded TCTOs. Mike Bischoff may know, he is at Cannon AFB.

Sorry, I was looking for something older than 1984, and dealing with the QEC. 1146 was titled "Inspection of Aft Engine Mount Beam P/N 363803-1, Aft Engine Mount Beam Support P/N 363801-1, and Upper Longerons P/N 362502 for Cracks, C-130B & subsequent aircraft" Hopefully, that is what you are looking for. Whatta want from an avionics guy???

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TCTO 1C-130-1146, 31 OCT 83 details inspection of QEC longerons and mount beam. In the -23 para. 5-2.1 talks about sealant dams around drain holes to displace water

Thanks guys...I'm aware the 1C-130A-23 talks about it but the TCTO is what prompted the change that added that particular verbiage to the -23. Not sure if TCTO 1146 is what I'm looking for or not (doesn't seem like it's old enough) but I'm having it pulled so I can look at it now to make sure.

Really appreciate the help.


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I have seen these holes but none filled with sealant. I will look tomorrow, after half day off due to ice here at Cannon. believe it or not the day before it was almost 70 and will get there by weeks end

I pulled TCTO 1146, that wasn't what I'm looking for. This TCTO (1146) showed/talked about the upper QEC longeron but dealt with inspection and repair of cracks in the aft mount area on the longeron.


The TCTO didn't fill the holes, it added sealant to the radius of the pocket area to force water/fluids back toward the drain hole and prevent puddling/fluid collection in the radius. Here are a few pix...note the sealant job is a little sloppy but meets the intent.

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