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I'm definitely no expert on converting engines, but I'm pretty sure just about everything aft of the Diffuser, including the Y-Lead, is a different part number, with the exception of the Rear Bearing Support casing, Rear Bearing Assembly, Tailpipe, and T-Block. The fuel control will require replacement due to the different tuning internally for the extra fuel flow, but the TD Amp can just be re-adjusted to the new limitations. -7 to -15 conversions aren't too common because it is much easier to overhaul and re-use components than it is to order all new parts, but the US Coast Guard accomplished a set many years ago. See Lockheed Service News Bullitin Volume 26 No 1. The gist I got from it was the easiest way to do it is order a conversion kit directly from Rolls Royce tailored to your situation (some -7 engines may require a Gearbox or Compressor modification.)

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