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I was trying to update my list of Herks in Museums or on display.

Can anyone help with these questions?

I looked on the net at the Hurlburt Museum and a site said that 84-0476 an MC-130H was in the Hurlburt Airpark.

Last I heard it was still flying?

65-0994 MC-130P was supposed to go into the Hurlburt Airpark. Has it?

65-0988 HC-130P was supposed to go on display at Moody. Has it?

62-1801 C-130E was reported as going to Fort Campbell. Did it?

Thanks for any help.


BTW if anyone has pics of these, could you post them?

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It drives me nuts when they "preserve" an aircraft like that. For all that's been done, it could be a plastic rendition. They need a proper museum to be stored in along with a proper restoration.

Off my soapbox...

The high gloss was a necessity due to the climate and proximity of the salt water. An accurate, "flat" paint scheme would not hold up well or half as long as the the gloss does. The airpark needs these paint jobs to last as long as possible because periodic repaints are VERY expensive. A compromise had to be made.

An indoor museum would be great and the perfect solution but the cost is not something the base can afford...

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