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AN/ARC 190 HF #2 no transmit

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I've got the wiring diagram setup for the XMIT section of HF1 & HF2. I've also got 3 slides I made that explain the whole eff'd up scenario that the engineers came up with. I will load them up. If you can't click on and save them, I can e-mail them to you. This is for the longwire antennas. The slides are for #1, but the #2 system works the same way. Puzzles me with a coupler fault though.

#1 HF interlock.pdf

#2 HF interlock.pdf

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1. Has the connection on the back of the coupler mount been checked for the #2 side? This is common between #1 AND #2 going to the antenna with the exception of the coupler mating point on the rear of the dual mount.

2. Has a new #1 coupler been installed? Wondering since (ref Fig 4-13 and Fig 4-25 in the -2-13) the ON/OFF (pin J), ANT AVAILABLE and ANT REQUIRED signals come from the #1 coupler and go to the #2 coupler. Just a wild hair, but if the #1 was jacked up and wouldn't supply the proper signal to the #2, then maybe??????

Good luck


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We had a similar problem found on the T/R connector 1 single string of shielding hitting the inner conductor.

Now if we start changing parts in HF system we do resistance test on all wiring ( Better be safe then sorry).

I hope it helps you.

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