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New commerical with A model in it.


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Ya, that was us. We filmed at Mojave in October. It was was about the most fun on a shoot I have had. The 2014 GMC Sierra Commercial in 2013 was fun too, but this was an easy shoot with a great crew and produced by Heather Heller. Flight Crew was:

PIC - Bill Bosley, Co-Pilot - John Arp, FE - Yours truely, Flight Mechanic Aaron Ashworth. Loadies provided by another regular on this board.

The aircraft is 57-0466 proudly owned, operated and maintained by TBM Inc. It's last USAFR duty assignment was General Billy Mitchell Field in Milwaukee. Interestinly enough, Bill Bosley has had a nearly 50 year relationship with 0466 having flown it in the 39th and 40th Squadrons at Lockbourne in the middle/late 60's and again in the early 70's at Duke Field. Back in 2011 we flew the old girl out to Maui and back. She's a flyer!


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Did you ever fly with Larry Glenn or Henry Lee? They came to New Orleans and Kelly after EFD closed. Last time I saw Larry he was flying from ELP to Hou on SWA. He was flying FE on the NASA G-II. Last time I saw Henry he was our Customs agent when we came back fro Europe to IAH.

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Yes Bob I made a few X country weekend trips with them.  They were with the 705th (A model school).  I was with the sister squadron. the 924th we was a TAG.

Both Larry and Henry have attended our annual 446 TAW reunion in Houston.  But not in the past 5 or so years.

Bob M

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