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Tank open VS Power in c-130


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Hello, about the title "Tank open VS Power in c-130" i would like to now what type of procedure do you have.

I have found some publications that say that we can put power in aircraft with tank opens, if the tank´s are drained to the greatest potencial. USAF Reference

But in the manual which i use every day, says that before i open a tank i should take power out, that makes ALL the sense, and i don´t have any thing that says that i can put power before the tank is closed.

What´s is your opinion, and in what base (publication) do you refere to?


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I'm guessing you talking about applying elec. power to the acft. If the acft. has recently been fueled with Avgas I'd defuel,drain and purge with an air mover.With JP above JP4 or JET A you'd be pretty safe using reasonable precautions(no open flame,no spark emiters close to the open cell) 

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