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1 hour ago, larry myers said:

I'm puzzled by the fact the aircraft appears to be a MATS assigned aircraft but the squadron credited with the accomplishment is one assigned to TAC.

What am I missing?

As I understand it: 

The 779th TCS (TAC) was the unit that received the first Combat Talon.  In March of 66, the 779th sent an instructor crew to Edwards to complete their initial check-out on the Fulton System.  However, the 14 Talons did not complete Fulton STARS installation until May 66 and still needed to complete radar and ECM suite installs at LAS Ontario afterward.  Therefore, I would think that the MATS HC-130H with its factory-installed Fulton system was used due to a lack of an available Talon.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong.




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