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Flight Hour Awards

Robert Podboy

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Evidently Lockheed Martin Aeronautics presents milestone pins and certificates for C-130 pilots and crew members who log 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; and 10,000 hours on a C-130.        If you’re a current or former C-130 operator and would like to receive an award for your flight hours, you can fill out this form and email/send it to Kelly Shiple, who can also be reached at +1 770-494-9189. Not sure but attached picture may be what the 1000 hour pin looks like.

Ooops I searched and this was already posted by Llecrupt Aug 2012



1000 Hour Club.jpg

C130 FHA Request.pdf

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I flew with a Filipino captain at Transafrik who retired from there with over 35.000 Herc hours. Lockheed presented him with a  30.000 hour certificate. Can't remember if her received a pin or not.  Probably not.

I have the 10,000 hour pin.

Don R.

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