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The Internet has drastically shortened my attention span, but I sat through all 24 minutes of this video and enjoyed every minute of it.  I was never in Special Operations, but I spent my 2nd tour at Rhein Main in the 37 TAS (1977 -- 1983) flying with the 7th SOS a lot.  Went on quite a few Flintlock's at RAF Sculthorpe with them.  Knew a lot of the 7th guys and gals.  They really knew how to party!  Great video, although Rhein Main was spelled wrong in the captions.

Don R.

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You guys might also be interested in this one of the 7th SOS. It was made after I left Rhein Main in 86. The 7th. became it's own little air force with the crews, maintainers and operators all working together. When I was there 84-84 the crew chiefs belonged to the OMS and specialists belonged to FMS. we worked all acft.,the Trash haulers Black birds and 18 series acft. At that time the 7th frowned on the slicks crew chiefs working on their planes. It was sometimes difficult being a slick crew chief when the Eng showed up and did his pre flight and he found a slick crew chief instead of a Black bird CC.  

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