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No 4 engine wind down when selected to LSGI


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-oil temperature bulb replaced
-engine oil flushing carried out, after egr defect still persist
-Td valve and Td amp replaced
-after egr defect still persist
-FCU replacement carried out
-cont cx lh harness carried out
-boroscope carried out
- td amp calibration carried out
-After egr,defect still persist
-triple S replacement carried out
-after egr,defect still persist
-valve housing replacement carried out
-after egr, defect still persist
-magnetic plug drain in carried out 
-RGB oil flush carried out 
-prop brake functioning check carried out 
-egr by maintenance crew found satisfactory
-after egr found satisfactory 

- but after taxy, still persist

-windown on LSGI






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What is the LSGI TIT when stable after start? Also ff and Torque?

 If you shut down the engine and restart immediately, what are torque, TIT and FF? 

What are NGI torque, TIT and ff?

What are ff, torque and TIT at 900°C?

What are OAT and pr altitude during these actions?

Can you run a direct reading Guage for CDP during these checks?

I don't see fuel nozzles changed on your list; while you're doing that, put borescope in and check combustion cans.



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Check the engine Anti-icing Valves and Bleed leak check procedure, may cause air conditioner sys or wing anti-icing malfunctioning have look leading edge and empennage look.Check the propeller angle ,FCU/TD adjustment AS Tech manual it  can rewind the engine if angle or throttle is higher setting. it also can happen when SS valve is malfunctioning ie bleed vale failed to open atLSGI.

Munir Abbasi

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