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  1. For those that knew Henry Lupo. I just got a card from Emilie today and she told me that Henry Passed in March of 2007. I was with him at Mactan/Clark in 68-69. I think he went to Langley after that. He, Ray Satterfild and I hung out prettty much. I don\'t think anyone ever knew nicer people than he and Emilie. Jim
  2. The MAC was used by all cargo aircraft in the militry.The FAA test in about 67 used plus and minus moments.I worked for Slick in Cleveland in 55-56 and we used a form of moments on C-46 and DC-6 aircraft. As an instructor I often marked the bulkhead with the leading and trailing limits and let the student know that he had to fall in that margin. It made the job a lot easier. Up until the earliey 60s, loadmasters had an air transportation AFSC and did not have to work moment for the test. We had to add up the moments and then interpolate in the dash 5. There were several acft that the gear would change the MAC. The old Shakey was changed by 2%. jim
  3. Dennis, only pulled out my 38 a few times. Shooting rats from the roof of the Merlin and 3 times to convince Korean Officers that they could not bring thier loaded 45s aboard the aircraft without a waiver. Jim
  4. I was on Old Shakey before I got on 130s. We feared bird hits, but from the rear.
  5. On the married pallets,one of the ways was to pull the pallets out with an RTL or other vehicle and as it comes out place the barels under the pallet. Another way was to pull the pallet out by using a forklift with the pallet chained to the transom and as it comes over the ramp, the ramp is lowered. There are other ways, but that decision would be made by the loadmaster at the time. Iknow that these methods are used in the current wars and in other remote locations. I found in my 20 plus years as a loadmater that the dash nine was a good guide, but as the old MATS manual 76-1 said \"there is nothing better than the sterling quality of common sense\" I have also had to combat offload married pallets. Having started out in Air Freight, I listened to their suggestions and learned a lot. Jim
  6. Guido,thanks. I was stationed at Donaldson from late 60 to mid 63 when the 63rd wing moved to Hunter Ga. I was in the 53rd I Am going to search for the old squadron and the bars just off base. Good memories there. We were still flying the aluminum cloud (C-124) Jim
  7. All As, Bs and early Es (62s) had forward cargo doors.That picture dates prior to late 70s because the crew were wearing K2B flight suits rather than Nomex. Most of us trash haulers in the late 60s wore combat fatigues or K2Bs. May not help, but by late 70 we in PACAF had to wear Nomex. Also notice the web holsters, Most of us had holsters made up in country. Jim
  8. Before I got om 130s, I had 5 years and 4200 hours on the 124. When blocking out the noise was aggravating. After landing it was a sound of joy, because you were headed to crew rest. The first time I heard them, was 1951 on a dark night at Harmon Newfoundlsnd. Scared the daylights out of me. The C-97 had squealing brakes also. Jim
  9. Greg, we called them married pallets. You could marry up to 5 pallets. They were chained together with wood spacers so the locks would fit. When I mentioned the loadmasters of the Viet Nam era I was refering to the ones that flew 6 to 8 sorties a day and having to make quick loading and unloading decisions. The way we unloaded a 5 pallet train if a 40K wasn\'t available depended on what we could scrounge. Often times it was 55 gallon drums, but we got er done. The longer C-130 is of no concern. Some of the loadmasters flew on the C-141-B which was a lot longer than the stretched plane. Also the air freight folks would be valuable to consult. They are the ones that have to build up the pallets. Jim
  10. We have already been there and done that. Ask any of the Viet Nam era loads
  11. The C-123 also had the R-2800-99w engines on them. I was a purist, I only flew on the B models at Sewart and Elmendorf.
  12. I had a few times that a co-pilot tried to throw weight around with me (LM) and I let them know very quickly that he was the only one on the crew that was on OJT, the rest of us knew our job.
  13. Jim Farrar


    The history of the 53rd TCS was a little wrong. I got to Donaldson AFB in late 60, the 53rd was a squadron in name only and was the TDY squadron at Rhine Main. The crews rotated out of all of the 63rd TCW squadrons, one crew a week. The 52nd lost a plane taking off at McChord, and we of the 52nd TCS became the 53rd. The 52nd then became the TDY squadron. The 53rd had a lot of historic events during that time. The 63rd wing was at Donaldson until 63 when the base closed and moved to Hunter AFB, Ga. When Hunter closed in 66, the wing then moved to Norton without planes to transition in to the C-141. I was in the 63rd Wing for 5 years and logged 4200 hours. Of those more than 3200 was in the 53rd TCS. Jim Farrar
  14. I live 3 miles from the back gate of The Rock. I am in the short pattern and hear 130s almost day and night. The only thing as good for me would be to hear those multi engine round motors again. I have lived in the sound of airplanes since I was 17, and will never get tired of it. By the way, The display airplanes here at the rock now include the C-119 (which I started flying on) the C-130 A and E and a C-123 that I flew on for three years in Alaska (that airplane). My history is following me. Jim
  15. Muff, you are close. I was 34 when I got there. I had been flying in to Mactan since the early to mid 60s on C-124s before I got to C-130s. As far as Mactan now, There is a bridge to Cebu now and the field is now an international airport and the pristine beaches we knew now have tourist hotels. What a waste of Marigun beach. And what did they do with our drunken monkey? Jim
  16. One better. I am 73 and went in to the AF in 51. Was in Air Freight in Newfoundland. We were still tying down cargo with ropes, cables and chains. Went to Sewart in 53 and was a dromaster/loadmaster on C-119, YC 122 and C-123s. Went to EDF in 57 on 123s nd 54s. Went to MATS at Donldson/Hunter on Old Shakeys. n 66 got out for a few months and went back in atDyess. my last 6 years was on C-130 B and e. Jim Farrar
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