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  1. Hi Col 5 of the 6 E\'s for Pakistan have been delivered that I know of 59,71,78,80,89. Only 77 was not delivered last I heard. Bob
  2. The USN C130T\'s have all the plumbing that the USMC KC130T\'s have except the pods which can easily be mounted. A few years ago there was a plan to make them tankers but some Admiral did not like that idea so after the first one was completed they took the pods off it again. BTW has anyone heard what is going to happen to VR-62 when Brunswick closes? I heard maybe move it to Jacksonville?
  3. it was 56-0486 and was not a type-II Bob
  4. bobdaley

    A model

    Hi Someone sent me this picture of an A model with what looks to be radio maybe antennas on it. Anyone know the story? Bob [img size=795]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/3094B.jpg
  5. All the WC\'s were delivered as HC-130H\'s. I don\'t know about the cockpit? Bob
  6. There are 10 unfunded WC130H\'s out there. Nashville is supposed to get 8. They already have 5 64-14861, 65-0963, 65-0966(now on loan to LA ANG), 0968,0984. 4 are support aircraft 64-14866 FL ANG, 65-0967 LA ANG, 65-0985 SC ANG and 65-0977 39RQS AFRC. One is at March AFB in storage with a cracked wing 65-0980. The reason for the switch, number one political, Nashville was BRAC\'d and they fought it. Two, its a way to keep these WC130H models. Three, AF \"leadership\" cut too many Herk units to get C17\'s and fighters and they can\'t do their missions. Guard and Reserve units have taken up the slack but they are pretty much timed out so the 53AS is going out of the school house business and back to Airlift. The 700 AS at Dobbins likewise out of the AETC stuff and back to Airlift and now we reopen Nashville and all the problems are solved!!! I saw that 4 of the current Nashville planes are going to Niagra Falls. Instead of just expanding the Reserve unit there we are politcally appeasing the NY political delegation by keeping open the NY ANG tanker unit there that was BRAC\'d and making the an Associate unit to the AFRC command squadron!!
  7. That is a good question, Ramrod may know?? Bob
  8. Today\'s press release: 118TAW To a Foreign Training Unit using WC-130H\'s, 118TAW H models to Active Duty. 94 AW AFRC at Dobbins from an AETC unit back to AMC Gained trash hauler unit. 107 ARW will become an Associate unit of the 914AW at Niagra Falls flying 914th Herks. [file name=FW___C_130__Fw__Tactical_airlift_initiatives_further_Air_Force__s_Total_Force_Integration.txt size=3915]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/files/FW___C_130__Fw__Tactical_airlift_initiatives_further_Air_Force__s_Total_Force_Integration.txt[/file]
  9. Boy there are a lot of issues in this thread. Let\'s see, first USAF decides Rescue is not as glamorous as fighters, let\'s dump that on the Guard and Reserve. Then oops we need more Rescue. Let\'s get the planes back from the Guard. But the Guard and Reserve units are fully manned with qualified pararescue folks and the USAF is always undermanned in pararescue. Lets swap MC-130P\'s for HC-130P\'s and we can keep those qualified people. Plus the largest group in the US House are CA Represetatives and they\'ll sqwack if you cut the Guard. Forward a few years, we lose 4 MC130H\'s and a P in a short period of time, now we are short of MC\'s again. New plan, let\'s get 12 or more H\'s from the Guard and make MC-130W\'s. See, we don\'t need MC-130P\'s. Then there are AC-130A\'s, we have lots of money we are getting AC-130U\'s lets dump the A\'s on the Reserve. Then the AC-130A\'s are getting old, we have more gunships than we need lets dump the MC130E\'s on the Reserve and park the AC\'s, then we can buy 4 more AC-130U\'s, we\'ll get H\'s from the Guard. Besides we have more MC\'s than we need. Next the Reserve can\'t fully man a 14 UE MC130 unit in South Alabama, so we make it an Active Associate unit. Now, the Marines are getting V-22\'s, the flying deathtrap. But the Marines can\'t fly an AF mission and H53\'s are getting old, we want our own V-22\'s. We don\'t have enough people to man all our new V-22\'s, let\'s close down the Associate unit. Now we have more MC130E\'s in AFRC than they could ever fly, lets park four of them at March. What\'s next? It seems like things are unchanged from when I retired almost 20 years ago. \"The difference between the USAF and the Cub Scouts is that the Cub Scouts had Adult Leaders.\"
  10. I have found 5 of the aircraft flying. If CA is not participating, there maybe only 6 Herks. The USAF got 8 MAFFS sets 2 ea for CA,WY,NC COS AFRC. 93-7317, 93-7320 COS 93-7313, 93-7314 WY 93-1458 NC Bob
  11. 115 AS CA ANG 156 AS NC ANG 187 AS WY ANG 731 AS COS AFRC No tail numbers Bob
  12. Back a few years ago, when 193SOS gave up its E\'s for J\'s, the two Senior Hunter aircraft, the ones without the huge radio antennas, moved to Hurlburt. I had heard that AFSOC, SOCOM was going to use them as some sort of Command Post. I just heard from the UK that 63-7816 was over there and was being used as a command post/control center for AFSOC RPV\'s. I never heard of a flying RPV Command Post. Is that true, or just a guess? What are 7815 and 7816 used for? Thanks Bob
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    Fritz You must be getting ready to fly 3138. I looked up the A-II\'s and out of 9, one was shot down in Russia 56-0528, and one was turned into a ground test article for EMP testing at Rome NY 56-0525. The other seven all became firefighters. 56-0538 and 56-0540 lost wings fighting fires. 56-0484 owned by MACE stored Tucson(FAA says owned by Hemet) 56-0530 owned by IAR at Chandler (3138) 56-0534 owned by IAR at Coolidge Withdrawn From Use 56-0535 owned by D&D at Greybull Probably to Break Up 56-0541 owned by IAR at Tucson, Fuselage only. Bob
  14. The 53 and 54 model Herks had Romn noses. I know that 56-0522,55-0006, and 56-0519 were at OHare and they were involved in the A Models that went to SVAF, thet were not Romn noses. Lars Olausson\'s book says 53-3132 and 54-1634 were at ORD in 77 and 54-1636 was there from 78-88.54-1638 from 78 to 79.These all were Roman noses, 53-3132 was the second serial number of USAF A\'s. 53-3129 \"The First Lady\" was first. 3130 was a test article. As to actual delivery dates it seems that 53-3133 may have been the first delivered in Jan 56, but I am not sure on that one. Bob
  15. Col Sent some mail, it all came back. Could you send me your address again Bob
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    I don\'t have a picture of it after the engine loss, but the report can be read on http://usaf.aib.law.af.mil Bob
  17. The remains of A1C George Long, LM on 60-0297 shot down at Kham Duc on 12 May 1968, have been identified. May he rest in peace. Bob
  18. WFU Withdrawn From Use. Not B/U Broken Up, could be restored to flying. GIA Ground Instructional Aircraft. Bob
  19. All of those are listed in the Production List. The Production List is in Excel format and can be sorted by operator. If you can\'t download the Production List, send me your e mail address and I\'ll send you a copy. As to the Gallery Pictures, my part is about 8000 pictures of most (2200+) of the 2300 built. You can look them up by Lockheed construction Number and Casey has made a conversion chart of tail number to Lockheed number if you need that. The other sections of the gallery are being put together by Casey as people send in pictures, so many are not there yet. If you have any you would like posted, please send them to Casey or me. [email protected]
  20. John I was in the 37th 69-73 and did a few rotes to Rhein Main. bob daley
  21. Casey has posted a production list with all the current operators. Bob
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