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  1. Aren't those great? Bring back loads of memories. Thanks for posting the link Frank.

    I invite you to checkout Jim Dwyer's group site "CCK Air Base Taichung Taiwan" on facebook. Some good interchange there. I don't know if you recall CMSgt "Charlie" Brown, the Mayor of CCK. His son Paul did most of his growing up in the Taichung American community. He has posted some of his families video and remembrances.

  2. No guessing about it; as an old QA weenie I'll confirm that! Being thought of as "the Bad Guys" all the time will do that (guess the black hats didn't help).

    The only guys who feared QA or thought they were "the bad guys" were the maintainers who thought they knew better and refused to read, let alone adhere to, Tech Data. A solid QA and disciplined maintenance force, with integrity and standards, is the difference between the USAF and a third world AF.

  3. I don't really care what the book says. I believe the K manual incorporated the MCAWS panel and some other stuff not in previous manuals, before any of them were tankers.

    If you don't care what the book says then there is no use arguing, or explaining, the point. Let's just leave it a WAG then or better yet, let's call it what you think it should be!

  4. Copied from Globalsecurity.org

    Another upgrade program modifies MC-130H aircraft to add aerial refueling capability, internal fuel tanks and enlarged paratroop door window. The modification provides plumbing and Operational Flight Program (OFP) update. The MC-130H Aerial Refueling System Pod project is evaluating an advanced aerial refueling capability to the MC-130H Combat Talon II. Manufactured by Flight Refuelling, Ltd. of the United Kingdom, the system provides a wing-mounted hose and drogue aerial refueling pod capable of meeting USSOCOM requirements. Special Operations Forces rotary wing aircraft do not have enough refueling support to meet mission requirements. This system is a pre-planned product improvement envisioned for the MC-130H to meet this shortfall.

  5. Alright, the original question was:

    Anyone know why the K letter was chosen to designate the H-3 tails for the -1 book, 1C-130(K)H-1?

    While guessing and hypothesizing may be fun, the right answer can be found in the governing directive which is T.O 00-5-18 Technical Order Numbering System currently dated 1 April 2010. Chapter 4, paragraph Table 4-2.

    You can find in the QA office or download it from Tinker pubs site. ALL Air Force Tech Order numbering is established from it.

  6. Aren't 2104 and 2106 Kulis's search and rescue assets? That would explain the (H) designating the S&R mission set as per Table 4-2 of the 00-5-18.

    And God knows, aside from the Ten Commandments, Air Force Tech Data is the only other perfect, mistake free, written word on the planet! lol

  7. TANKER TECH: Boeing's FWB office designs refueling plane for Japanese

    Posted on: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 13:03:26 EDT

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    Apr 25, 2010 (Northwest Florida Daily News - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) --

    FORT WALTON BEACH -- A new fuel tanker aircraft designed and engineered at the local Boeing office was recently completed and delivered to the Japan Air Self-Defense Forces.

    Boeing Fort Walton Beach partnered with Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Cobham Mission Systems to convert a C-130H transport aircraft into a flying refueling station for the Japanese military. The aircraft was delivered to Japan on Feb. 25 and has been undergoing testing since then.

    "These customers, the Japan Air Self-Defense Forces, they're very particular," said Clarence McDonald, manager of the tanker program at Boeing Fort Walton Beach. "They very much color within the lines, but they also take a very high stock in partnerships and having a teamplay approach to a program. I think we learned a lot in that. I think we were successful in fostering that relationship with those new customers. Those are the things we hope will carry on and allow us to be successful in other areas with this customer down the road."

    The project got its start with work Boeing Fort Walton Beach completed for the Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt Field. Boeing was contracted to convert 20 of the Air Force's C-130Hs into refueling tankers.

    The operative words in this article are "C-130H", "convert", and "tanker".

  8. I hate to be a stickler, but there is a systematic rhyme and reason to Air Force Tech Order numbering. YOU GUYS KNOW THAT, or should. And TO 00-5-18 establishes that Rhyme and reason. The K is in parenthesis. That's a Mission, not Model, designator.

  9. From TO 00-5-18 Tech Order Numbering Chapter 4:

    "" 4.2.2 GROUP TWO. Group two contains two or three parts that incorporate the aircraft model number; the modified aircraft

    mission (in parentheses) if applicable; and aircraft production series if required. Part one contains one or more numeric characters identifying the aircraft model. If part two is an alpha character in parentheses, it identifies a modified aircraft mission. If the modified mission is

    not applicable, the aircraft production series identifier described in part three follows the aircraft model number. The

    following is a listing of modified aircraft mission identifiers outlined in AFJI 16-401:

    Table 4-2. Modified Mission and Status Designators

    A - Attack H - Search/Rescue/ Q - Drone V - Staff


    C - Cargo/Transport K - Tanker R - Reconnaissance W - Weather

    D - Director L - Observation* T - Trainer X - Experimental

    E - Special Electronic M - Multi-Mission U - Utility Y - Prototype


    F - Fighter P - Patrol

    * L used in TO System to prevent confusion of O and 0. Part three is an alpha character indicating the aircraft production series. The first series manufactured is identified

    with the alpha A, the second series with the alpha B, continuing through the alphabet. ""

    According to this 00-5, the (K) would indicate this Tech order dealt with, or included, C-130 H's with tanker mission modifications.

    Check the -1 in question and see if there isn't a separate section or some verbiage detailing a tanker mission configuration.

  10. Considering that what seems a hand full of years ago I was standing in a hanger in Marietta listening to the CEO giving a pep rally and they had no orders and weren't sure anyone was going to buy one, things turned out pretty good. Of course, the E's wing cracks hadn't surface at that time either.

  11. Let me just "pile-on" and say Thanks Casey for all of the effort and passion you put in to your work. Not only recently, but from the beginning. To steal a John Wayne line "You've done a good thing here!" May the hackers get their Karma doubled.

  12. How about the "kobi beef" (bufflo) sandwiches at Udorn?


    Water buffalo are the workhorses of SEA. If there was local beef in that sandwich, that buffalo had to have dropped dead in the rice paddies (or been Huey door gunner practice maybe).

  13. We all know if they are marked for Training then you are beholden to handle and manipulate and work them out over and over and over until you are thoroughly familiar with them and proficient in their proper use!

    I would say what we are looking at is a "weapons loader". And a mighty fine one at that.

    Have we got sufficiently loaded weapons yet?

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