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  1. Well I respect your opinion, but lets be honast here. Teddy was kicked out of Harvard for cheating on an exam. He had another person take it because he felt he couldn't pass it. This caused his military deferment to be void, and he went, drafted, kicking and screaming all the way. He did the absolute least he could, and left the service and never looked back on the military. He was in be I would never say "He served".
  2. I thought it was just me. If your on the ground its supposed to be hot, if you want it cold, go fly C-17s. I was a load on E models and used to tell paxs "We have the best heat from April till September, and the best A/C from October till March.
  3. They have been there. I have been on C-130s since 1994. When AMC went to the gray ghost paint, it made them hard to see, as there gray as well.
  4. I believe what your asking about is a hinge cover, that covers the radome hinge for swinging up the radome for service.
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