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  1. Having a hurricane party without the hurricane here is Charleston, SC.
  2. Bob, There are no skin cancers that are recognized as being caused by A.O. In South Carolina, we call them Charleston tattoos. If you're on the A.O. Registry, which you should be, the VA will cover the procedures. Pat
  3. Well, what did you do with the 50 cal. Rick?
  4. It really doesn't matter whether you have 0% contamination in our fatty tissue or 100%, as far as treatment is concerned. There is nothing they can do to reduce it. The most we can expect is that they treat us all the same, and they do.
  5. pwylie


    It truly is a kinder gentler Air Force.
  6. The math for disabilities, I think, crunches something like this. Say you have a heart condition that's approved for 60%. They figure you're 40% healthy. Then you get type 2 diabetes, which is approved for 10%. They figure 10% of 40% healthy, which is 4 additional percent. So, you have 60% + 4% = 64%. Then it's rounded up to 70%.
  7. Had some of those. The wife called the look early TAC or tacky. She got rid of it all. How about the wooden statues and butterfly trays from Rio, Gold Baht chains and four season bracelets from Thailand, Montagnard bracelets from Saigon, soap stone from Phnom Penh, meerschaum pipes from Turkey? Wow, I'm on a roll.
  8. While on a rotation to Germany in '71, Mike Rose, a load from the 37th TAS tried to stop a moving pallet with his foot, caught his heel in the rail and broke it pretty bad. OUCH!!! That was Mike Roe. I flew with him a lot. Great guy. He was originally from TN. Last I heard he was a plumber in New York. Bob Daley
  9. 1 I was a loadmaster with the 37th TAS out of Langley, AFB.
  10. pwylie

    A Model

    They were called Load Moment Indicators, and you're right. They never worked.
  11. When we were TDY out of CCK to Thailand and flying in country we were always issued a survival vest that included, among other things, a S&W 38 cal. Masterpiece that I think had a 6" barrel. They had a bowl of loose 38 cal. ammo that you could get as much as you wanted.
  12. The hardest part of retirement is knowing when to start drinking.
  13. May the Christmas Season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter. Merry Christmas everyone. Pat & Becky Wylie
  14. Cold. Damn cold. It's been below freezing every night this week. John McKissick, the all time winningest football coach at any level, is still coaching and winning. Thanks for your help with the leaflets.
  15. Oops, the first two are the front of two leaflets, and the remaining two are the front and back of one.
  16. I found these while going through my brothers estate. Lost him to cancer not long ago. He was a WO2 Huey pilot for 18 months starting in '68. Do any on you Operation Fact Sheet boys recognize these as leaflets? The first attactment is the front and back, while the other two are the front only. Thanks for your help. Pat
  17. Being a TSA screener would be Barney Frank's dream job.
  18. I've heard that the Israelis interview everyone, eye to eye. They want your passport to know who you are, then ask why you're here, where you're going and why. If they're not satisfied with your answers, you're scanned, patted down or strip searched. I wouldn't have a problem with this.
  19. Found this in an old box of 'stuff'. Picked it up somewhere in SEA. May have been TSN. I think it may have had something to do with the airdrops at An Loc. I wasn't on any of those missions, so not sure. Can anyone remember how this was used? Sorry about the poor quality of the picture.
  20. Gizaard, We had to fly 30 combat missions to get an Air Medal. You could fly any number of sorties a day, but it didn't matter the number of sorties. One sortie or 5 sorties in country a day was one mission.
  21. Hope you're able to salvage that rocking chair on the porch.
  22. This sale appeared in the Post and Courier newspaper this morning here in Charleston, SC
  23. pwylie


    I thought he was in Washington, DC.
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