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  1. HAHA! Everyone got a kick outta that. Thanks for all the suggestions. We are actually downrange at the moment. The reason I asked is because that Capt. is new just got over and wanted some written proof about where and why or why we cant jack. We all, including our supervision agree wholeheartedly with your suggestion for him. We'll take these suggestions and see what we can do...or just jack like everyone else on the ramp...you know the normal way. Thanks again!
  2. Does anyone know where i can find the written procedure for jacking. we have a new Capt. that would like to know what kinds of surface you can jack on (concrete, asphalt,"temporary metal matting" (i know thats a def NO), the maximum slope angle (as i understand it, it needs to be a flat solid surface.) If anyone can provide any assistance in this it would be helpful. We've looked in the job guide, the 91-100, 21-101, 1c-130A-3...nothing
  3. That makes sense I know they are working on a hybrid composite prop with the legacy and the composite because the J props shatter to easy. Will be interesting to see where it all goes. But I think the AC's still have time and won't be going anywhere soon. Ive had the opportunity to work on the Dragon Spear too (recently) and as it comes out of its infantcy it will be a helpful asset
  4. Thanks for the info. It took 3-4 years for the mod to be completed?
  5. Where is this AC-130J info coming from? The last i heard that and the C-27 project were scrapped due to funding and the J model not being able to support the structual demands by the guns....
  6. I know if you are on a AF bird SKYFLEX is no longer authorized due to corrosion of the bolts even if you do fill the void. we just had a QA flsh last year that killed that. Sucks back to B 1/2 Wet Dipping
  7. Hey anyone out there know the originating base of a C-130 tail 89-0512? PLease let me know if you have any leads.
  8. HEy where do you work at SRT i see in your pic you are leanin up against one of my ladies
  9. Looking for a Work Unit Code for nose gear Ceramic Armor plating for IMDS
  10. Discrepancy : Formation Light Requires sealant C/A: R2 Bulb that was not from flight crew but from one of our "brighter" Crew Chiefs
  11. As far as the maitenance squadron goes it is still our theme song. Dont know about the 4 SOS guys but it is for the 1 SOAMXS
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