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  1. Excellent article Mr. hehe and yes it does confirm my forth post on this subject that all new center wings are built to the "J" model specs except for a few different holes brackets etc. as required for the different models they are used on. No it is baited and you took it. Have a nice day Mr. hehe. 😄 Bill
  2. Wow...I wait with baited breath Mr. hehe. Bill
  3. Hi there Mr. hehe. If you reread my post you will see that I said the FIRST all new CARGO C-130H was built in 1974. Also EVERYONE knows that all HC-130H's had -15 engines except the 11 H-7's we built as I describe in the above posts.. Also you posted the wrong tail number it is 64-14852 not 64-4852. Have a nice day. 😑
  4. Hello Ken, haven't heard from you on the site for a while. Hope all is well. To answer your question, yes War Lord was an "A" model, 54-1625 and was shot down over the Trail on April 21,1970. All crew 10 crew members lost. Thank God it didn't have all 14 crew members on board. I have the crew list but don't want to print it on the site. As for the E model gun ships at first they had the same armament as the "A" model. 2, 20mm, 2 ,7.62mm and 2, 40mm cannons. All the E.s had the 105mm cannon by Feb. 1972. Bill
  5. I just did a brief search on the above subject and found the so called "H" model wings ( actually no such thing as an H model wing per se, just a part number) being built and refitted to most all C-130's flying today are the same as the J model wings except for a few odd and end holes and brackets. The center wing box is the big deal on the C-130 as it takes the full load and stresses during flight. Also read an old post from this site where the " E/H" model Spectre gunship noted above C/N 6576 didn't get it's first "H" model center wing till April 1992, 24 years after it got the -15 engines, says the crew chief of 6576. As far as the outer wings go we got the so called 1039 wings (TCTO 1039) for our 81 H models in the 1990's. These were great cause we could change the fuel probes from the top of the wing without going into the tank. Bottom line -7 and -15 will interchange. Bill
  6. During the Vietnam war,11 E model gunships (69-6567thru 69-6577) had -15 engines installed and deployed to Ubon,Thailand on Oct. 25, 1971 and were called Super E's then later called H's only because of the engine change. The all new cargo H models weren't built till 1974. I used to put Chevy engines in Jeep's even though they didn't have a Chevy frame. 😮Bill
  7. Also as stated in the above post , the max torque on -7 and -15 engines is 19600 inch pounds. The above statement is not an official approval, just my experience. Bill
  8. In 1983 while working at Lockheed we built 9, H models for the U.S. Coast Guard and they were known as C-130 H-7's because the Coast Guard couldn't afford -15 engines, they sent us used GFE -7 engines to be installed. The plan was to upgrade later( which they did ) when money became available. The used -7 were put into new nacelles and hung on the wings and sent on their way. These were prior to the oil cooler augmented engines. Lars book shows first one as C/N 4947. Also while deployed to Germany for Operation Provide Promise in 1993 the engine Queen Bee shop sent a -7 to Split and it was hung on a Maxwell H model aircraft by mistake. ( I described this incident in a post here a few years back) The aircraft engines were ran up and low and behold no 1083 degrees. Engine troops were NOT happy. So unless you are putting an engine with an augmented oil cooler on a -7 wing it will fit. Starter button must be held in as hold in circuit is not there on -15 starter system. Bill
  9. WOW I'm getting old....I remember when these were brand new😟
  10. We lived on Herky Hill as early as 1969 in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. It's nickname was Herky bird at Sewart AFB Tn. when I first got there in 1963. We also stayed in the Herky bird Hotel many times in the 60's as we called it when we got stuck working on the Herk till it was too late to find quarters or a motel. Bill
  11. Would like to see the inside. Does it have litters and or seats and what is the electrical requirements. Does it plug into the old iron lung outlets? Porta potty ? Just wondering about more details. When they become surplus...in a year ,I might like to buy one as a hunting cabin. 😁 Bill
  12. Once you have a taste of the old C-130...nothing else will satisfy. Proven time and time again! Bill
  13. Spectre623


    Lost my uncle, Pfc Lewis Radcliffe on June 17, 1944 KIA during this invasion. Was able to visit Normandy in 1995 and find his grave which no family member had ever visited. I was there with my C-130 unit to honor D Day and ten of my maint. troops went with me to his grave. They were all in uniform and in formation and we had a ceremony where we refolded his flag over his grave. Very sober moment. Bill
  14. OK Alan, just reread your post I see it was an H model not a tanker at that time.We had 65-971,973 and 987 H's bast as I can tell.
  15. Hi Alan, I was a crew chief / expediter (Hotel 2), at Hill in the 1550th at that time. Do you remember the tail number or if it was an H ,P or N model? Best tour of my career there,Twice!
  16. Spectre623

    405 oops

    Thanks Sonny. I see in Lars book it has -15 engines and strengthened wings and yep it is still in the South Africa AF. I'll bet that sucker is a real hot rod! The B model was my favorite of all the Herks I worked on.
  17. Spectre623

    405 oops

    Do you know the Lockheed SN or AF tail # ? I crewed B models at Clark 69-70.
  18. Spectre623

    405 oops

    It don't appear to be an A model as it has fuel dump masts on the wing tips. I can only see one drain mast on the bottom of the engines also as the A model has two drain masts.
  19. Staying in, doing honey -dos, cleaning out stuff. Good time to do spring cleaning. Can't do much else, can't go to the Air Museum to work. Better days ahead😄
  20. Don I belive that was the Robins AFB museum. Ours is off the north west corner of the Lockheed plant in Mariette,Ga. Dobbins AFB. Google earth it.😁
  21. Also Don check out the Aviation Wing, Marietta onthe net and facebook which has pics of Ghost Rider our gunship and the C-141 and others.
  22. Don, I can't remember what CRS is.....ha ha. Saw your bio where you were on C-141's. We are about finished restoring 0186 the first 141 to be streached. It's at the museum just out the back gate at Dobbins air base. Go to C-141heaven on the web and check it out. Bill
  23. Those were the days , huh Don? Whatever anybody thought of the war it was the adventure of my life as a young kid. Bill
  24. Didn't know him but I was stationed at Clark as a C-130 crew chief in 1969-70's and know the routine of the flight crews as the crew chief went with his aircraft. Standard rotation of the 40 some odd C-130's and crews were as follows: Bag drag to aircraft and take off around 0600 hrs. Stopped at Subic Bay Navel base P.I. and onload pax and cargo. Flew into Vietnam and stopped at several bases to off load pax and cargo. Flew on to Cam Ranh Bay AB which was the home base while in Vietnam. Crew debriefed and went into crew rest. Crew chief inspected acft. ( BPO/Preflight). Refuel and reconfigure acft., climb up on crew bunk and sleep till 0400 when new air crew arrives. Officers file flight plan FE pulls -1 preflight with crew chief. Loadmaster waits for cargo and waits and waits. Cargo is loaded and officers arrive. Engine start and aircraft backs out of revetment. Crew chief gets sand blasted marshalling aircraft out. Sometims crew chief goes with aircraft but most times not. Crew chief and asst. split up for rest/ work schedule. Airctaft returns around 1700 hrs. Crew boards crew van goes to maint. debrief then to squadron operations debriefs then into crew rest. This routine was for a standard 15-21 day rotation to Vietnam. Some maint. support troops had a 55 day rotation to CRB also. There would be trips to other countries and some R&R but the main function of the C-130's and air crew/ maint. crews was in support of Vietnam. Normal tour of duty to Clark was 18 months but was shortened to 15 months in 1970. 24 months if you took your family to Clark. This gives you a thumbnail shot of life as an aircrew at Clark.
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