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    A Models

    Bob, I think I have some photos of 57-0472. She took some fire while at Naha and I took some pictures. My roommate (Bob Mallot) was the asistant c/c on her at the time. Sonny
  2. Just bought their Christmas album last night. Great music!!
  3. Thanks or the link. I intend to send them a copy of my Basic Training Picture to add to their collection. I was in the 3724 BMTS, Flight 58, 1964. Sonny
  4. Mt.crewchief wrote: Ken, Sorry, thats all I know. I was at Naha at the same time also. Try as I might, I can\'t remember the CC\'s names. Sonny
  5. jrkaegi wrote: Did you mean the \"Bar Mitzi\"? It was the place the 21st hung out in \'67-\'68 when I was there. Sonny
  6. Ken, She was a Naha bird, 41st I believe. She was shot down on May 22, 1968 during a Blind Bat mission. Sonny
  7. Ken, I was there \'67-\'68 (21st). Loved the snack bar, especially the eggburgers. I remember the barber shop and the pool table. There was a also a laundry in one of the barracks, kept losing my tailor made shirts!! Sonny
  8. http://www.sammcgowan.com/home.html Try this one.
  9. Fantastic job Casey. Time sure flies when you\'re having fun! :lol:
  10. Just wanted to wish all you guys a \"Happy Father\'s Day\".
  11. Sonny


    Seems a shame to send this one to the \"boneyard\". It should be in a museum!!
  12. Gee, does that mean if I took a picture of your picture I could use it anyway I wanted?
  13. I still carry my P-38 on my key ring. My grandkids marvel when I use it to open cans!!:ohmy:
  14. She sure looks like a Blindbat \"A\" to me. If this is 533 she sure looks different from when I crewed her in \'67-\'68. She still had the camoflague paint with a black bottom then. Called her \"Sonny\'s Honey\" and Russ Saley was my assistant. Don\'t recognize the name of the Crew Chief you all are talking about. PS John Reves, who was a 41st Crew Chief, was the first to have his bird painted all black.
  15. Dan, I like the way your mind works! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Sonny
  16. I hope Lockheed is okay with you putting them here. i would love to see them also.
  17. He also requested no head stone for fear it would be destroyed. Sad!
  18. He also requested no head stone for fear it would be destroyed. Sad!
  19. Sonny


    :laugh: Ralph, Thanks for having Casey set up the Blindbat group. Hope more of the guys show up. Casey, Thanks. The whole site is awesome! Sonny
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