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    Born at Dyess I say we spent most of my dads military career at Dyess all but about 6.5 yrs of my dads 22 yrs was in Abilene. Love airplanes have a fondness for the C 130.
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  1. I keep telling him to keep on fighting. When he gets done with his "military memories" next week I'll see where he sits with his VA claims. He's going through the Boneyatd at DM right now. They may make their way to Wright Pat before this trip is over. I say they because he is with a guy that we have known since I was about 2 and I'm 43 now so at least they are having reliving times of the past. Thanks Giz for offering on the advice. I'll let him know.
  2. Congratulations Giz.... maybe this will encourage my dad to keep trying to fight these people. Right now he isn't to "bright eyed" on the outcome. So maybe this will give some glimmer of hope.
  3. Any C-130 Dyess maintenance personnel able to help give just a short tour of a J-Model sometime this evening April 15th 2013?? My dad and a friend of his both retired from Dyess one in '76 and my dad in '87 both was on the H models at Dyess in 463rd which I understand is the 317th now. They are on their way to Az to go thru the boneyard and do some retiree rememberances and stopping at Dyess for an overnight stay . I know its short notice and all but they would greatly appreciate it. Ron told my dad it would be his last ever TDY . Thank you in adavance for any information ..... Gary
  4. I thought it was a good thing .... so I'm for keeping it
  5. Um just talked to my dad.... he said FB was Forbes AFB Dyess had 63 model 130s.... e said Little Rock had some 64 models if this helps happy hunting
  6. Ok help the CRS memory. Whats a forms 5? Have a good one yall.
  7. Keep trying Sparks..... I got my dad to finally fill out his SF180 they sent every bit of his records from when he entered till the time he retired. They said he needed orders or travel vouchers to send in the corresponding number off his records and they would send more of the travel vouchers orders or any corresponding records. So we will see what happens in the next few weeks.
  8. Type in AngelFlight on youtube and they show the 130s in actual flight if you watch the one with Darius Rucker on it.. They tell the story of Angel Flight and what it means to them (Darius Rucker Radney Foster and Darden Smith) either one the video is really touching.
  9. Thanks for some clarification Bill. After reading what you had said I asked my dad how long was he at Tachi.. he came back and said well it depends when he was first there he stayed one day then went to CRB then flew to guam then back to Tachi for one day then went back to CRB then went here and there. Thanks again for your clarification. Gary
  10. Ok here we go. Can somone explain to me not in great detail but just give me a clue as to how the Agent Orange was loaded onto the acft. like was it in bags, barrels. My dad doesnt talk to much about it and I think all I'm doing is spinning my wheels on the net just trying to get some kind of clue to help him. Our deal is he had orders to Tachi and then rotated to Cam Rahn Bay. Im also trying to understand how he said sometimes he would go to all these different places as a crew cheif when someone needed a CC ugh im confused. Giz I just got him the ppwrk for that sf180 and he mailed it off today so we will see what happens if he can get his travel vouchers. But if someone could just give me some more advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys for all your service. Oh yeah his time at Cam Rahn was late May to early Sept 1968. Just in case they changed how things were being done through the yrs in VN.
  11. Hi everyone... I'm doing this on behalf of my father Joe Davidson. Trying to find the blanket orders with his name on them for VA benifits. He has prostate cancer and they will not give him the credit for being at CRB because he has no food vouchers or the orders that came with them. He has had 2 people that went with him to CRB to send in certified letters saying he was there at the same time with them even had his former supervisor send in a letter to no avail. The 2 people that was with him were Chuck Miller and his brother Al Miller they was on the 2nd sheet of the orders but my father was on the first sheet. If anyone knows of anybody who was in the Crew Cheif part of the squadron that may still have the full set of orders or just the first page please ask them it would surely be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the service you have done and still for us. He also has a campaign ribbon for when he was there for the Tet Offensive Gary Davidson
  12. To get back to the topic. Nice job on the report Chris thumbs up
  13. Wow Dutch never thought of it that way. I was born in Sept of 68 so I was really to young to even know what all the to do about the protests and things against the military was about. My dad was TDY to Vietnam and got back 2 days before I was born, so as far as my experience with dad being gone it didnt play a factor. He wont talk about it all I know is he was just a 21 yr old kid.. I guess all you guys was kids. Brings a tear to my eye thinking how everyone was drafted to do it, and the ones that serve today volunteer not that one is better over the other. To me theres a difference between the 2 generations you guys didnt look for apreciation but sometimes i think the kids now want the recognition instead of being humble and thankful to serve the country. Maybe Im off on a rabbits trail somewhere I dunno. Just my .02. But to you who served WELCOME HOME Guys and thanks for doing what you was called to do.
  14. I do hope that some of you who was there can mark up what you remember about CRB.. I showed it to my dad earlier today and he couldnt remember nothing just that the barracks was north of the runway. He said he didnt remember any trees being between the flight line and the barracks he was in just lots of sand and it was within walking distance. He said this morning it sucks getting old when you cant remember like when you was younger.
  15. Boy I remember when my dad was stationed at Eglin in 81 to 83 they had the little rinky dink museum right there by the back gate going to Niceville.... went back about 2 yrs ago for a bowling tournament in Ft Walton bout fell over when I seen what they had built and all the Acft they had aquired. Nice job Eglin and surrounding area. Just about one of the best ones I had seen. Been to the one at Davis Monthan in Az they had a nice one wish there outside dispalys was as nice as the inside displays if you get a chance to see it you have to pay the extra to tour the boneyard. Another nice one was at Hill AFB Ut ... best part of it I was with my dad made it cool going to miss him when that day comes.
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