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  1. i was in the 4442nd FMS at Sewart AFB and was assigned to the 314th FMS where we left for CCK on January 6 1966.I departed on 64-0536 a fresh from the factory silver bird. For us in the engine shop it was one of the best aircraft we had. No pictures of it have ever been found.
  2. I was assigned to the 50th from the 314th FMS to make the move from Seward AFB to Taiwan with about a 3 weeks stop at Clark until CCK was ready for us. I was reassigned to 314th FMS on arrival to CCK. 50th was the first TCS at CCK. I left Seward on 10 Jan 1966 on a new aircraft 64-0536 and it was one of the best aircraft we had for us engine troops but as everyone knows it was lost in 1970
  3. I left Tennessee for CCK on 64-0536 10 Jan 1966. She was new from the factory. I was in engine conditioning at CCK but we did very little work on her as she never had a engine problem the 13 months at CCK.
  4. Mr.shorts on the flight line Flym!!!
  5. B-52G & KC-135A Griffiss AFB NY 1967-70 F-4E Korat AFB Thailand 70-71 T-33A T-39A Peterson AFB CO 71-74 F-106A & B Langley AFB VA 74-77 F-4E F-15C & D Soesterburg AFB NL 78-81 F-15c & D Langley AFB VA 81-82 All in Engine Maintenance
  6. I was at Sewart from April 1962 until January 1966 in 4442nd engine conditioning. Departed 10 January with 50th for CCK
  7. Thanks Wil! I worked on 1809 in the 4442nd and as with 1804 it arrived at CCK after I departed. 1809 made it through Vietnam just to be lost in Iran. I was thinking we had 64-0505 and is that 63-7837 rather than 63-1837. Thanks again! Ron
  8. I departed the C-130's in 1967 and never got back it was B-52, KC-135, F-4, F-106 and ended with F-15. When the C-130A went to the 4 bladed prop was it just a gear box and prop change or were they modified for the T-56-7 engine?
  9. Yes 62-1804 was good for us in Tennessee but it was new. It was worked hard as the 4442nd was doing training with it for all C-130E services and Countries. It would spend hours doing touch and go day after day. I would say in 66 we had no more than 60 aircraft counting the black birds that we didn't see much of. Ron
  10. I worked on 62-1804 we received it new at Sewart AFB Tenn in the 4442nd. Didn't know it followed me to CCK later. I left CCK in Feb of 1967 and the only one we had at that time was 62-1824 The remainder of the 62's listed must have been received as replacements after I left. From what I remember most of the 62's we had at the time were higher numbers like 1831, 1849, 1853 and 1854. Thanks! Ron
  11. Does anyone have a list of all CCK tail numbers from 1966 to about 1968. I came over with the 50th from Tennessee and we had all the 64's the 776th came with the 63's and the 345th with the 62's. After I arrived at CCK from a short time at Clark I was re-assigned to the 314th engine shop. We had a little trouble at first as the engine troops that came from the 50th only wanted to work on the 64's and so on. This was the case in most all the shops. (don't know about the flt.crews) Soon after the the tail numbers were split up with the 50th, 345th and 776th all getting some 62's, 63's and 64's and that took care of that. I can remember several tail numbers but not all. 64-0536 was one of the best for the engine shop. Thanks for any help! Ron
  12. Yes! the Second C-130E did go to the 4442 CCTS at Sewart AFB TN (not Stewart) We received 61-2359, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 and 66. The 4442 was just activated (called 4451st at that time) and the 8 new E's were our first aircraft. We also received 62-1801, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 New.
  13. 56-0482 was with the 4442nd CCTS at Sewart AFB TN from sometime in 1962 until at least January of 1966
  14. I was at Sewart AFB Tenn when 62-1804 arrived from the factory. She was assigned to the 4442nd CCTS. I helped with the engine part of the acceptance inspection. She must have arrived at CCK after I departed in Feb of 67
  15. I wish someone could post a recent picture of 62-1824. The last time I see or worked on her was around January 1967 at CCK
  16. At times Langley AFB BX has C-130 wood models as you enter it. Most of the time near Christmas or Holidays
  17. I don't remember him by name but after 48 years it's a wonder I remember anything. I do know it was a good assignment and my first.
  18. Thanks for posting the picture! I was at Sewart from April 1962 until January of 1966. I worked in the 4442nd engine dispatch shop. We got our E's from the factory 61's and 62's. 56-0488 that crashed on base was one of ours. I departed in January of 1966 for CCK
  19. Cam Ranh Bay for anyone at detachment from CCK in 1966
  20. I started my 21 years in the Air Force with the C-130A.B, and E I am an engine troop or was as I retired in 1982. I was on the C-130 for 5 years and wish now I had stayed with it. My wife wanted to get near home so I ended up with B-52's and KC-135's after that F-4E T-33 T-39 F-106 and ended with the F-15 as flight chief in the 27th at Langley AFB. (1st unit to be active with the F-22A) The T-56 was the best engine I ever worked on followed by the J-79. You can't kill it! I have seen C-130's land with half the turbine burned out and still running.Sand in the compressor in Vietnam could not kill a T-56. I don't know anything about the new engine in the J's but I know it would be hard to get a better engine than the T-56. (I don't like General Motors parent Co of the T-56 ) This old engine troop wishes he could take your place. The best years in the Air Force was with the C-130. All but one year of my 5 was also on the flt line and loved it. Good luck!!!
  21. My 1st Taiwan beer was the day after I arrived in Feb of 66 at the Playboy club. One beer and one buy me tea. I posted 5 more pictures! One is at Cam Ranh Bay and if you did a TDY in country you should know this one!
  22. Got to look over more 35mm slides. Anyone TDY to Cam Ranh Bay I could post some! Will look for more pictures when my wife is at work. She thinks I am installing ceramic tile in a bathroom all day.
  23. I will post 5 more. This time it is inside the bus and the club
  24. Hi! 5 more pictures of one of the best assignments in the USAF. I was at Peterson prior to C-130's and also at Camp New Amsterdam NL (Soesterberg) on F-15's. Off all Dutch and American holidays, No flying at night or weekends. That is the reason I say one of the best. I also was at Korat Thailand on new F-4E's in 1970. That was also an outstanding assignment as we had very little engine trouble on new aircraft. More to go let me know. Did anyone ever go to Sun Moon Lake? Got some pictures! Also did anyone ever get into Duc Co Vietnam?
  25. Posted 5 more of CCK early day's and I have plenty to go. Also some of Cam Ranh Bay & Chu Lai If interested let me know
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