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  1. It might be in a book somewhere to not use plastic chocks but I have seen brakes fail on max power runs and flatten home made steel max power run chocks that they required us to use when I was stationed at LR and they were flatter than a pancake so just make sure you brake pedals are BOTH set! these chocks were no standard made chock they were thick steel plates and we had a special cart yfor them which was stupid anyway as mentioned if you jump chocks at power I hope you have your hands on the throttles!
  2. While stationed in the PI 1984-1989 all DCC's that were engine run qualified were also taxi qualified but only time i ever taxied was during my scheduled qualification, they let us go from one end of Clark taxiway all the way to the other end and was taught how to steer with the props and was no big deal but i did enjoy it! This was the only place that let us be taxi qualified and i was at LR, Clark, Rhein Main, UAE ,Kirtland! Wish Mike Bolton had of been taxi qualified, he caught a lotto grief for backing that bird in to that ditch in Saudi, KFIAP! I helped pull it from the ditch and you could stand in the road behind the aircraft and flat foot touch the bottom side of the beaver tail! That Maintenance Officer from Pope that was in charge of us all at KFIAP was livid, i heard him tell Mike some stuff i really do not wanta share with many people!
  3. I suppose the Talon 1's i worked at Clark back in 1984 & 85 were some of the original E Flight Birds, We even called the guys that were designated to work them as E Flight Mechanics! They made us slick mechanics work them also and i remember removing the removable panels and we used to stash them under upper crew bunk! This i am sure was after the real E Flight had gone away. The birds that had the removable panels when i worked them were not Talon 1's but H model's! Once the 1St SOS was formed they all went over to their control and i missed that because the FE's were some great guys that really just wanted to turn and burn and left all the BS back in the Op's room! Did any of your guys remember a Mr Doble? He worked for AA and the Embassy their in Thailand after he retired and he would take care of us when we would visit Shot A HIP? One retired american had a restaurant just up the road from there that his Family owned and ran but i forgot his name also? When we passed thru we always stopped by and had a wonderful meal at his restaurant/house! Before going into Pattaya Beach!
  4. I Suppose the 58Th SOW will get the tankers before most anyone else since they send most students to Kirtland to learn the systems and rescue in general plus the Tacos are in transition for F16's to some form of 130? not too sure if it will be tankers but with new Governor she will probably not buy too many?
  5. Just Temp install them and do your towing then remove for checks? This is not the hardest task if ya just temp install them? PITA yes but beats trying to pound them later! Refueling with them off sounds like an O1 Decision at best?
  6. Books tell you to shut the engine down and make sure you cage the correct Engine, i have seen a prop light bright and steady for over 25 minutes and the FE asked me what i thought about it and it had been on for about 10 minutes and he had already swapped indicators on GB Oi Pressure which told me he knew it was not an indication issue as he had no gear box oil pressure! I told him to cage it as we were 1/2 way to Goose Bay and it took him another 15 to 18 minutes to cage the engine but the Engine did a big lunge and that prompted him to finally cage the Engine! We were all lucky the prop was not in our laps in pieces! Funny thing this FE was a Instructor FE at LR and all i did was shake my head and pray! -1 Says shut it down and why play with fire, it could cause you an issue with the prop not going to feather which at altitude would not be good depending on your GW!
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