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  1. Can any of you guys help me out with getting a picture of what 68-10943  looks like now at Warner Robins? A while back I seen a pic of her with her wings off evidently being used as a ground training aircraft of some sort. I understand it went to depot with a cracked wing box and never came back out. I was asst crew chief on it 84-85, I am in contact with the crew chief from that time period also and a later crew chief on her and I told those guys I seen a pic of her once sitting stripped at W.R.and I would find it again for them. Well, I cant find it. I am hoping maybe some one could share a pic of her in her current state. Thanks

    As a side note, if anyone reading this was a 130 crew chief at Rhein Main I have a Facebook group  called " 435th OMS C-130 Crew Chiefs ". Anyone who was a 130 cc at R.M. is welcome to join.

  2. You guys might also be interested in this one of the 7th SOS. It was made after I left Rhein Main in 86. The 7th. became it's own little air force with the crews, maintainers and operators all working together. When I was there 84-84 the crew chiefs belonged to the OMS and specialists belonged to FMS. we worked all acft.,the Trash haulers Black birds and 18 series acft. At that time the 7th frowned on the slicks crew chiefs working on their planes. It was sometimes difficult being a slick crew chief when the Eng showed up and did his pre flight and he found a slick crew chief instead of a Black bird CC.  

  3. Thank's again Bob, I'm glad somebody can straighten me out when all those dead brain cells think they are working, but probably will never work again. HaHa. I for what ever reason had those two (942 & 945) back wards. I think this is the video you speak of. 


  4. 68-10946 Stars and Stripes article from it's crash. I was a crew chief there when it happened. First day of a ORI. It was carrying ORI inspectors to Giebelstadt for the exercise. 68-10944 went down in Spain (also a 37th bird) killing all crew and pax. 0945 was involved in a incident at Pope with a F-16, I believe with it being wrote off. Poor old 946 as I understand actually crashed 3 times. The first (as I heard it back then) she slapped her belly on the water some where but made it back safely. Then this crash in Geibelstadt. Then after she was stripped and left at Geibelstact, turned into essentially a 40' culvert (the nose was put on the Franken Herc), a strong wind picked up the fuselage and blew in to a bunch of Army helicopters  causing a couple of them to be wrote off. I digress, my point was 0944, 0945, 0946 seemed to be a unlucky string on tail numbers. The first aircraft I crewed was 0943, I guess I'm glad the bad luck stopped where it was.

    3-13-2014 5;58;22 PM.jpg

  5. 13 hours ago, tinwhistle said:

    Indeed, it was a short time. I went back over the film clip again and the only automobile I could identify for sure was a '57 Buick. Any way I know now that it was in the 58 to 60 time frame. Here's another question: the last scene, what kind of sports car is that?? At first I thought is was a Triumph, but upon second thought I'm not sure.

    Chris, I think it's a 58-59 Jaguar XK150.

  6. Ok thanks for the info, well I hope she is still around some place. As I said, she was the first 130 I got my hands on. The last one I was on was 62-1819, I was  CC on her, she is gone, crushed at DM .  Thanks, I'm actually glad to find out I was wrong this time, HaHa.

  7. Maybe instead of playing Danny Boy or anything like that , how about a medley of all five services songs. here is a YouTube  video of what I am talking about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqsExfQc_w Is there a local Guard or Reserve unit that might be able to show up with a Humvee or a truck that might be like something used in any of the current wars?  Possibly a local service man/ woman who served in the sandbox that is young enough to relate to the kids, on account of they don't seem to be interested in us old farts. Just a couple ideas. Thanks for taking the interest in helping the kids understand the meaning of veterans day. Does sound "Memorial Day-ish", to me that sort of waters down both days, just my opinion.  Maybe a telling about somebody like Audie Murphy,  Richard Bong, SGT.Alvin York eddy Rickenbacker, etc. A personal  story about guy like might keep their attention.

  8. Hi folks, I was looking up some pictures of 64-18240 (PN4105) for a friend and was looking at the data base on C-130.net on the plane and seen it was apparently at one time assigned to the Swedish Air Force and also used by Air America. That is the only place I have found that info, I can't seem to find anything to back it up. You guys have any more on this? Here is a link to what I found. http://www.c-130.net/aircraft-database/C-130/airframe-profile/7031/

  9. If it can be done with or to a Airplane, a 130 has done it or is doing it now.  Cargo, refueling, rescue, gunships, air born hospital, fire fighting, bomber, spying, ski planes, short takeoff & landing acft (stol), the list goes on and on. In my opinion the most versatile aircraft ever made.There must be hundreds of mods/ varients for 130's

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