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  1. I found this on utube and thought some of you guys might like to see this. I was at Rhien Main 84-86 but I still recognize quite a few faces on here in 93. I was pretty much a trash hauler and 18 series CC. but got mixed up with the 7th guys a few times. Fun group to go tdy with!! Kind of "tacky" video, but some good mc-130 shots in it. Hope you enjoy it.
  2. I seen this on the news and thought it was interesting so here is a link to the news video. # 1&2 eng. out landing and then blowing a tire after touch down, Every one one board and plane are ok it sounds like. Not the biggest story but not one that happens all that often. I'm sure many of you guys have some far more harrowing tales. http://www.kgwn.tv/story/22059264/c-130-makes-emergency-landing-at-cheyenne-airport
  3. Entire plane load of Becks beer, listed as "Chia (tea)" on all the paper work from Rhein Main to Daharan (sp) Saudi Arabia.
  4. I think they should get their medal, war is hell. After all every day they face the life threatening hazards of their type of warfare, ie, traffic to and from base (I believe a lot of these things are actually controlled out of Nellis) ,the ever present threat of a nasal infection from spending too much time in the air conditioning. Not to mention they may on occasion have to work late and miss a home cooked meal forcing them to eat fast food witch may cause future health concerns. I hope this is recognized as light hearted sarcasm, but what these guys do is important and helps save lives (like most military jobs), but they are not any special sort of hero.
  5. It has been 25 years since I have touched a Herc and may be wrong, but isn't that the "touch down switch" on the nose gear that stops the props from going into reverse until all wheels are down ? I could see that being called a "squat switch". Is that not the same switch that kept us crew chiefs from retracting the landing gear on the ground if the gear handle was moved up by a errant foot when inspecting the interior of your eye lids from the co-pilot seat?
  6. The" DROP ZONE " The "Flight deck" Club 245 ,that one only the herky guys will get. I spent a week tdy in Bilund (sp) Denmark and spent most of that time in a bar called "The propeller club" always thought that was a cool name for a bar by the airport.
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