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  1. Just to let you know it\'s sitting here at Kirtland as a trainer with no wings or tail on it. It\'s in sad shape really.
  2. Just wondering if any of you guys know the tail number of the C-130 that received the \"Purple Heart\". I do know that she was an \"E\" model and the last time I saw her was when I was stationed at Ramstein. If I remember right one if not both wings were blown off and of course the engines had to be R2\'d. Hank
  3. Hey there everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a website that has reasonable priced litho\'s of 130\'s. This is for a going away gift for one of the guys in my shop. I attached a photo of the one that we all agreed on that we\'d like to get him. Thanks in advance for any and all replies and help. Hank [img size=566]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/c130_634.jpg
  4. To all of you who served before me thank you for all you did!
  5. Thank you for your support on this Dan I greatly appreciate it. I was\'nt trying to get any classified info or anything like that. I\'ve only been on these types of birds for two years at a training facility. Before that I was on slicks. I had asked all around my unit for info on these stupid things and no one knew where to look so i figured that id post on here. BTW there\'s a TCTO coming out to have them removed so it shouldn\'t be a problem anymore.
  6. Thank you all for the info. we finally figured out what we were doing and got them ops checked. so far so good on everything. Hank
  7. No I haven\'t dealt with them here at Kirtland. I have been told that all of ours have been deactivated. Before that I was on slicks at Ramstein. Once again thanks in advance for all the replies. Hank
  8. Can anyone out there tell me exactly where the pyrotechnics are located at on a HC-130P(King)? The reason that I am asking is because I have been tasked with doing an operational check on the pyro system and the only thing that I can come up with is the flare launch tubes. If I am wrong on this please let me know. Thanks for everyones help on this.
  9. We had a problem almost identical to this at Kirtland not long ago. After we checked pressure and everything we had A/R check the rigging on the brake control valve and one of the was completly out of rig and we had to change them both due to the manufacture issue. After that we had no problem at all. Just something to look at. Hank
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