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  1. I remember the one you used to strap to the sidewall on 141\'s, but I only ever saw the port a lav that was bolted to a platform on a 130. Always had it on the European Eagle mission..Mildenhall-Ramstein-Zaragoza-Torrejon. 64 pax and bags, plus whatever cargo you could strap in!
  2. Just watched a video on af.mil about R.I. ANG C-130 being loaded on a C-5 to N.Y ANG. I\'m a retired air freighter, so kinda odd thing to see loaded!
  3. Here\'s one, but most of the lithos are unit specific.. http://www.avart.co.uk/gallery.asp?artist=13
  4. Show coming up on the Weather Channel, Sun, 27 Jan, 9 pm EST, When weather changed history, Operation Eagle Claw
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