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    USAF BMTS, Lackland AFB, 9/68 - 10/68
    Graduated USAF OTS, Lackland AFB, 12/68.
    UPT at Webb AFB TX 2/69 - 2/70, Class 70-05.
    C-130 CCTS at LRAFB, RTU at Pope AFB. 4/70 - 5/70.
    Assigned to 345 TAS, CCKAB Taiwan, 5/70.
    PCA to 773 TAS, Clark AB, PI, 1/71.
    PCS 61 TAS, LRAFB, 7/71.
    PCA 314 TAW/DOV, 3/74.
    PCS USAF/RAAF Exchange Officer Program, No. 36 SQN, RAAF Base Richmond NSW, Australia, 7/76 - 9/78.
    PCS USAF Airlift Center, Pope AFB NC, 9/78 - 8/81.
    PCS HQ USAF/Directorate of Ops(XOO)/Airlift and Rescue Division(XOOTA), 8/81 - 2/84.
    PCS 375 AAW, 1402 MAS/DO, Andrews AFB MD, 2/84 - 2/87, 1402/CC, 2/87 - 9/88.
    Retired from USAF 10/88.

    American Airlines Initial FE Training, 11/88 - 1/89.
    AA B-727/ FE, DCA, 1/89 - 6/89, RDU 6/89 - 11/92.
    AA MD-80/FO, ORD & DFW, 11/92 - 4/01.
    AA B-757/767/FO, DFW, 4/01 - 7/05.
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    Retired USAF & American Airlines

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  2. Home Depot will do the same only the cashier has the authority to apply the discount whereas at Lowe's only certain people have the authority.
  3. Jim Raycraft was the IP's name for the LRF incident in '72. I believe it was a 62TAS formation departure and he was #3. I came over the hill from the housing area just after he went in. From what I can remember, the report said that he got caught in the wake turbulence and in trying to get out of it, the airplane yawed to a point that the fin stalled. I seem to remember something about bushings on the rudder being worn which contributed to the whole problem. Later, Lockheed/Air Force issued a TCTO to the -1 stating that you had to reduce power and lower the nose to recover. Kinda tough when you're at most 300' AGL.
  4. When I was at the 5-sided Puzzle Palace 8/81-2/85, this topic became an "in-house" doctrinal issue. The question came up when somebody proposed that the C-141 crews who flew CAM would actually be tactical airlifters when flying that mission. As the discussion went on, the only clear thing was that the doctrinal line between "tactical" and "strategic" airlift was blurred. Were the Herk tactical airlift units actually performing a strategic mission when they self-deployed for rotes? When the C-141s flew inter-theater air-land missions, were they performing a tactical mission? The more the doctrinaires talked the confusder they got. Everybody agreed that while the mission definitions were pretty clear, the units could cross back-and-forth depending on what they were doing at the time. The AS thingy grew out of that.
  5. That and the fact that McDill is only about 10,000 feet long and 300 feet wide. Might be tough to make that mistake if you're paying attention.
  6. Actually, it was Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System.
  7. I conducted a test at the old USAF Airlift Center (USAFALCENT) back in '79 or '80 to drop CDS from 250 feet using what was called the vent pull-down parachute system. The bundles would exit and the chute would pop immediately. However, according to the data we collected (velocity at load impact), the loads wouldn't have survived. MAC wouldn't provide funding to try some "real" cargo to determine if the system would work, and the Army wasn't interested in our survival in a combat environment. We never tested at a speed greater than 150 because of the ramp and door limit. I believe the old MC-130E's had an upgraded ramp and door and could exceed 150 knots with them open.
  8. I'm pretty sure all of the active duty Es plus some of the ARF Es.
  9. You'll probably have submit a FOIA request to the Air Force Safety Center. They have a website and a link to submit a request.
  10. If I remember correctly, the mission number reflected the Julian date and zulu time of the first sortie launch.
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