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  1. I think the window reference concerns the cargo compartment windows. The later H models have an emergency escape hatch on the port and starboard side as compared to the older E's and H's which had the escape hatch on the left hand side only. The long wires on top were the old HF antennas that have been replaced on later models. I have been on A/C's before that the antenna broke loose in flight and the had a tendency to make some racket beating against the fuselage! As far as modeling, I would suggest finding pictures of specific prototypes and modeling to that specific configuration since there are so many variations.
  2. RMO- "Round Metallic Object". (You have to be careful expressing this another way!)
  3. I know this is a thread for Desert One, but Damon Kanuha was my next door neighbor while I was in the 16th SOS and I remember vividly the day we were recalled to the squadron and informed that we had a Gunship missing. Damon was a heck of an individual and a $h1t Hot FE. No, we truly never forget.
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