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  1. Nitrogen is the preferred source of dry gas because it is more stable and less suceptible to temperature and pressure changes as compared to dry air which has oxygen in it.
  2. I've built up quite a few of these wheels for the modification, the "popping" is because of the heat shields on the inside of the wheel. They'll tighten up over time with brake dust and what-not getting in between the tongue and groove shields. If there is a lack of solid film on the lock ring that prevents the halves from blowing apart, someone needs to be punched in the face.
  3. Not trying to be a jerk, but being a Repair & Reclamation guy, I know too well there is no actual limit for the door. However, posted in the model specific -5 are the items that are supposed to be in there, and nothing else. Because of this issue, I'm sure the experienced/mature loadmasters have seen this happen before:[ATTACH=CONFIG]3879[/ATTACH]
  4. Sorry I didn't see this one sooner, I thought of that switch while reading the initial post. We've got some copies of old service manuals from back before I was born and pointed out the ADS arm switch. Pretty incredible the technology hasn't changed and is still so reliable, not to mention the guys who make sure it works!
  5. Recently, we had an issue with the Aux hydraulic system while operating the cargo ramp. While manually operating the ramp in position 4, the the ramp would begin to lower uncommanded. The original thought was the return line check valve was bad. However, after canning one from another plane to trouble shoot, the same issue was occurring. During all other phases of manual operation, the ramp was operating perfectly, locking pressure was at about 650psi, unlocking was 720psi. Virtually everything was changed out and the problem was still occurring. We finally decided to open up the doghouse panel and found the ramp locking cylinder was bypassing, but only in manual position 4. This was obviously a very uncommon occurrance and just wanted to be able to help out if this happens again
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