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  1. Hi Dave in WV thanks, my query is not comparison between Series. the question is why we call E model H model if it seires larry already given his point view.BEH of center wing is 46000 restriction,49000 grounded Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  2. Hello All We are facing the problem of engine generator leyland 40kva , stub shaft failure( wear off) , is it the problem of the starvation of lubrication or quality Regards Munir Abbasi Retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  3. DC10FE Thanks, Why we say E model B model if it is series w should H, E, or B series Regards Munir Abbasi
  4. Hello All C-130B/E/H/J ,C-130 indicate model or series & B/E/H/J indicate model No or Series ,please confirm Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  5. Hi Miamair I would suggest you,please contact to USA Defence/Lockheed for c-130A-3 structure repair T.O publication updating/change/TPC.It is useless to request. Regards Munir Abbasi retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  6. Dear AMPTestFE My opinion is a litter different to you. if you physically see the EL shutoff valves of my previous images ,you will find aft cargo above the door front of plate EL boost shut off valve aft of the plate UTY SOV. two tubes/piping does not matter the cost. if you see the AIL SVO & RUDDER SOV LH AFT & RH FWD respectively EL SOV opposite. I would like suggest you you will see the EL SOV physically. Regards Munir Abbasi Home of Hercules of Pakistan
  8. HI Jhjbd Absolutely I agree with you. if Call communicated during flight from LM/GC leak from left side (cargo looking aft ) leak is observed elevator boost package assy,definitely CP will take action emergency against utility HYD system where actual leak is booster side so create the confusion during emergency that why elevator control assy upside down i.e Utility HYD SOV RH & Booster LH Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  9. VICTORP1 I disagree brush type GEN load is restricted to .25% & brushless (PMG) .625 % on ground OPS Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
  10. Hello hercules Expertises I have read IC-130B-2-4 Whenever you replaced #2 power plant (ENG) on Aircraft it is better to install new generator NOTE is label on T.O. Why??? Comments will be highly appreciated Regards Munir abbasi Retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  11. Tiny clark. As I have mentioned earlier that there two valves are outer each dry bays ie #1 & 4 (QTY 4) open dry bay to atmosphere for inboard leading edge ant-icing after exchange of heat ,excessive air release to atmosphere thru dry bay .The flapper are open outward from drybay to trailing edge .B model there were opening scoop with outer mesh screen. Regards Munir Abbasi Home of hercules Pakistan
  12. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4316[/ATTACH]NATOPS1 No Images is GFT not for boost transformer. see image[ATTACH=CONFIG]4315[/ATTACH]
  13. NATOPS1 No Images is GFT not for boost transformer. see image[ATTACH=CONFIG]4315[/ATTACH]
  14. Hi Jetcall GTCP 185-180L & GT CP185 LE provide Electrical & Pneumatic power(in-flight Electrical) GTC operated limited time 10 minutes No time limit,APU flow rate more than GTC.APU STOP shutdown (110% SW simulation APU one pneumatic thermostat GTC 2 that cause serges at 677Ceilous temp starter differ 9,current limiter rating differ APU all indication (EGT,RPM) SW toggle only hour meter clock IGnition cycle terminated at 95% rpm On speed relay provide stop No oil drain solenoid & oil gate valves because oil tank is installed APU leveling Thermostat selector valve reliable less cost on maintenance No need of ATM & ATM genertor Munir Retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  15. Hello 2 Mike Boost transformers (12) are located FS 245 (2# above) are used when additional power require for VR westinghouse generator for better regulation during changing load condition. during changing load the voltage drop low output value. power from the CT compensate the situation but they are not operation for general electric generator ,leyland generator.Regarding T.O contact to concern department Regards Munir Abbasi Retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  16. Tiny Clark I thank these valves are used for thermal relief inboard ant-icing. Regards Munir Abbasi Retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  17. Tiny Clark I thank inboards relief valves are used to relief inboard leading edge anticing . outboards leading edge pressure outer edges Munir Abbasi Retired Home of hercules Pakistan
  19. Hello NavyHercs The butterfly types are three identical valves with having butter drill passage, thermal relief valve i.e one each outer dry bay for dump shutoff valve,open auto inflight or some aircraft manual SW,The First valves are uses for inflight dumping & close during ground rapid defueling is required on ground ie Dump pumps are online.One center dry bay offload valve use for quick refuel/defueling shutoff and also to isolate right side SPR to center dry line during inflight dumping to avoid fuel hazard when Aircraft is to be land emergency like gears are up stuck.The Plumbings are litter different KC-130 ,SMK1-130 C-130E,C-130B and L-382B. Different inboard dump valves.I hope you can easily under stand Regards Munir Abbasi Retired Home hercules pakistan us
  20. Mr Azizurrehmman, are you know there are three pad for tacho meter generator, 2 on RGB ,one on speed sensitive control on left side of engine. normally this problem occurs due to tachometer generator shear shaft or RGB drive problem. if you have done these rectification. than there is TB on electrical control supply rack where power is distributed to sysnchrophaser & RPM indicator. more you check tacho generator out put on connector Apex 21.5 volt phase to phase or neutral because delta connection. i hope you can trouble shooting to this problem. Regards Munir abbasi Retired Home of hercules pakistan
  21. Aziz Did you check TIT & torque on this event if indicated fix the techo on RGB other position on RGB pad or SSC. Regards all budoo Munir Abbasi Home of hercules pakistan
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    Hi larry Myers Thanks. I have no experience of flying. for only information to flayers, be aware of bird FOD.It may main windshield screen or engine intake or leading edge dangerious specialy take rool Regards Munir Abbasi ATI Home of hercules pakistan
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    flyer a void bird strike
  24. Have check conventional trim tab system especially elevator trim tab isolation relay located under deck junction box regards Munir Abbasi
  25. Dear n1dp thanks for providing technical support. i thank we can improve the reliability & serviceability by testing/calibration on I level capability Regards Munir Abbasi ATI Hercules training center pakistan Regard
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