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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4826[/ATTACH]Bunch of &'s infront of the Tower (Delta 0) at CCK AB Taiwan in the early 70's EFLTat CCK
  2. Most Roman Nose C-130A's were 1953 to 1954 A Models. We had a few at Willow Grove Air Reserve Station in Horsham,Penna from 1970 to 1976 where I was a Flt Engineer on the "Snub-Nose's". The USAF/USAFR/ANG/Navy training at that time was at Ellington AFB which also had "Snub-Noses". EFLTatCCK
  3. Bob, Does this mean that my former 913th AW that was BRAC'ed at Willow Grove in late 2007 will be AFRC re-activated at Little Rock and the flying squadron that we supported at CCK the 345th will be the also AFRC reactivated at the "Rock" also?? Sincerely EFLTatCCK Vince Acquaviva
  4. I hope this isn't C-130E 63-7868 from the Robins Air Museum that was on that flatbed on that Georgia highway. That was the aircraft that I Crew'ed while I was in "E" Flight. EFLT at CCK (Vince)
  5. James, The "Grove" had "Snub-Nose" C-130A's. We had one 53-3135 and 5 "54 models" when I was an Flt Engineer there in the mid 70's. Eflt at CCK/Vince
  6. Don, That was the 103rd/111th TAS PA Air Guard that had C-97's then transitioned to U-3's and then O-2A/B's. EFLTatCCK/Vince
  7. Bob, You are correct. A few of my former co-worker ARTS flight crew and maintenance were from Active Duty at Langley. I have an close friend that I retired with at the "Grove" with who was originally maintenance and then a flt engineer and later back in maintenance like me. His name is Mark Wilby,and he was at Langley Active Duty in the early 70's. He was also at CCK when I was there. EFLTatCCK/ Vince
  8. Is this a reactivation of the 327AS that was at Willow Grove,Pa from the C-119 days to the C130A and E days? If so I have to inform the 913th alumni that have many former flight crews and maintenance about this venture. Please keep me advised. EFLTatCCK
  9. Don't forget Forbes AFB Kansas and Willow Grove Air Reserve Station,Penna
  10. I recognize Rich"Pineapple" Gregorio. At CCK he was a Crew Chief,QA, and then a E-Flight Team Chief. He at one time Crewed a Snub-Nosed C-130A 53-3135. He is now living in TX. I talked with him a few weeks ago and he remembers many of us from E-Flight. EFLT at CCK/Vince
  11. Paul, I remember hearing your name and I saw you once. I was still assigned to "A" Flight on 62-1804 and interim in "E"flight awaiting a T.S. Clearance at the time you were getting short to leave CCK. Vince
  12. Bob, I will send the pictures to you soon. I have a problem with cut and paste or copy and paste the pictures to this post. maybe I can send these on your private e-mail if nothing works. Vince
  13. Tommy, I remember them all. I have some more names you might remember on another post. GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU. 497 Vince PS The avatar picture is 64-0515 at that special FOL that we both frequented many times.
  14. edit to first quote. Tommy, Good to hear from you. I still remember Dave and you with "497". 497 was the last "E" Flight bird I flew before I went back to the US to discharge. Have you heard from Dave? Have you heard from anyone from "E"Flight ? Randy Odette,Tom Wahyha,Charlie Brewer,Charlie Bernette,Pops Curfman,Chuck Manny or anybody else? I also saw your name on TaipeiAirStation. I went back to Taiwan in 1976 to 1978 to work and go to Taiwan University and also marry my former Taichung fiancee. You were a great coworker,friend and roommate. Vince Acquaviva "Shorty"
  15. Tommy, Good to hear from you. I still remember Dave and you with "497". 497 was the last "E" Flight bird I flew before I went back to the US to discharge. Have you heard from Dave? Have you heard from anyone from "E"Flight ? Randy Odette,Tom Wahyha,Charlie Brewer,Charlie Bernette,Pops Curfman,Chuck Manny or anybody else? I also saw your name on TaipeiAirStation. I went back to Taiwan in 1976 to 1978. I can give you my other e-mail if you want. You were a great coworker, friend, and roommate. Vince Acquaviva "Shorty"
  16. This was taken from a Taipei Air Station Website that many Taiwan Vets are also members. It is from the Official USAF in Taiwan publication. Enjoy Sincerely EFLTatCCK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 January. First Official release: C-130 aircraft of the 314th Troop Carrier Wing would be stationed at Kung Kuan AB. 14 January. The base newspaper, Kung Kuan Krier, Kung Kuan Air Base, began operation with a six page edition processed by multilith. It went to 11 pages on 11 February 1966. It changed its name to Chung Chuan Krier on 25 March 1966 with the name change of the base. On 22 April 1966 it went commercial with a contract awarded to Chung Tai Press in Taichung at a cost of $150.00 per issue. 19 January. Colonel Richard J. Hartman assumed command of the 6217th Combat Support Group vice Lieutenant Colonel David H. Doughty, per 6217th Combat Support Group SO G-1, 19 Jan 66. 22 January. Colonel Arthur C. Rush, Commander, 314th Troop Carrier Wing and his staff arrived at Kung Kuan AB to complete the wing’s command structure. 22 January. First PCS personnel arrived at Kung Kuan AB to fill authorized Unit Manning Document (UMD) slots for the 6217th Combat Support Group. 22 January. Headquarters, 314th Tactical Fighter Wing was activated at Kung Kuan Air Base, replacing the Wing ADVON. 22 January. The 314th Field Maintenance Squadron was activated at Kung Kuan Air Base with personnel coming from Sewart AFB, Tennessee, Dyess AFB, Texas and Pope AFB, North Carolina. 28 January. 314th Troop Carrier Wing became operational at Kung Kuan Air Base when C-130E aircraft arrived. 29 January. The 50th Troop Carrier Squadron with C-130E aircraft arrived at Kung Kuan Air Base from the Philippines and began fulfilling its mission by flying military support in all area of SEA. 8 February. Headquarters, 327th Air Division having been activated by the Department of the Air Force was organized at Taipei Air Station, Taiwan and assigned to Thirteenth Air Force per PACAF SO G-28, 7 February 1966. This same general order also discontinued Detachment 1, Thirteenth Air Force, Taipei Air Station and assigned the 6214th Support Group, 6213th Support Squadron and 6217th Combat Support Group to the 327th Air Division. It was an administrative change, designed to improve internal organizational management and promote greater efficiency. 8 February. The 6217th Services Squadron was designated and organized by PACAF SO G-28, 7 Feb 1966 at Kung Kuan Air Base and assigned to 6217th Combat Support Group. 15 February. Air Post Office (APO) 96280 was designated for Taipei Air Station for mailing purposes only. 15 February. The 6213th Support Squadron Consolidated Base Personnel Office became operational at Taipei AS with approximately 1,300 records. By the end of June 1966, records had reached approximately 3,600. This Central Base Personnel Office (CBPO) serviced all 327th Air Division bases, Taipei Air Station, Kung Kuan AB, Tainan AB and Chiayi AB. A major responsibility for the CBPO was the in and out processing section at Sung Shan Airport, Taipei which was the only aerial port of embarkation/debarkation for the entire island of Taiwan. 18 February. The Base Publication Distribution Office (BPDO) at Kung Kuan Air Base was changed to a Class A PDO. 19 February – 1 May. One crew and aircraft of the 314th Troop Carrier Wing were maintained on HIGH GEAR alert status for this period. 25 February. A Security and Law Enforcement group from Thirteenth Air Force visited Taipei Armed Service Police to determine effectiveness of that organization to perform criminal investigations. 28 February. Colonel Frank Borman, USAF along with Captain Walter Schirra, USN, arrived in Taipei. While here they visited USTDC, MAAG Taiwan, ROC and President Chiang. (Editor: Borman and Schirra are NASA Astronauts) 1 March. The Suzie Drop Zone (DZ) was agreed to by CAF and USAF to be used for 314th Troop Carrier Wing training. 1 March. Memorandum of Agreement between CAF and USAF on USAF Heavy Equipment Paradrop Training on Taiwan was signed. 7 March. The 345th Troop Carrier Squadron started arriving at Kung Kuan Air Base for permanent duty. 7 March. The 314th Troop Carrier Wing Combat Air Lift Support Unit (CALSU) was established at Nha Trang, Vietnam. 8 March. The 314th Troop Carrier Wing Combat Air Life Support Unit arrived at Cam Ranh Bay. Vietnam. 17 March. 327th Air Division Air Operations Center (AOC) participated in splashdown of GEMINI 8. AOC had control of two C-130 aircraft from Kung Kuan Air Base. Two crews from 314th Troop Carrier Wing at Kung Kuan Air Base aided in the search for the Gemini 8 Astronauts 500 miles east of Okinawa on 21 March 1966. 20 March. Welcome Inn, a Home for American Servicemen, supported by the gifts of people in the Taichung area, was dedicated. This gave personnel from Kung Kuan Air Base a place to stop when visiting the city of Taichung, Taiwan. 20 March. The 345th Troop Carrier Squadron arrived at Kung Kuan Air Base. 20 March. The Nationalist Chinese Government announced the name of Kung Kuan Air Base was changed to Ching Chuan Kang Air Base, located northwest of the city of Taichung, Taiwan. 25 March. The USG entered into agreement with Mr. CHAN Ping-cha for lease of a two story, multi-purpose office located at 163 Shih Fu Road, Taichung, to be used as a Procurement Office, Taichung area. 1 April. 776th Troop Carrier Squadron arrived at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base for permanent duty.
  17. John, E-Flight were the Silver C-130A's that were sister ships to Blind Bat at Naha which was part of the 374th. In 1971 E-Flight moved to CCK with Gray C-130E's when the 314th moved back to the US and the 374th moved to CCK. We had 5 Gray Birds. We moved to Clark in mid 1974,where I discharged from E-Flt and the USAF in late July 1974. EFLTatCCK Vince
  18. 62-1859 was an E-Flight bird at CCK Taiwan in the early seventys and the Crew Chief at one time was Randy Odette.It was a great C-130E. Vince( EFLTatCCK)
  19. Ken, Good to hear from you. Richard Gregorio was with E-Flight as long as I was with them. He knew a lot of guys from the old Naha 21th E-flight group and EVERYBODY called him "Pineapple cause he came from Hawaii. I don't know if he did some time inQC. My wife and I just came back from Wash DC Taiwan Embassy's 100yr double Ten celebration. We represented 823 badge of HonorTaiwan Vets. There were a lot of former Taiwan and american military there. This goes to show that WE HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN about Taiwan and the American Military that was there to assist in Taiwan's defense. There are two groups visiting Taiwan Oct and Nov 2011 . Taiwan Vets group and then Taiwan Air Station Vets group. They will be visiting former Taiwan/American Bases including CCK. See You Vince / EFLTatCCK
  20. We had a guy named Gregorio while I was in E-Flight and his nickname was "Pineapple" cause he came from Hawaii. EFLTat CCK
  21. I crewed 63-7868 while I was in E-Flight from late 1973 to late 1974. It was a Good aircraft for the special missions that we had all over South East Asia and points North. Another E-Flight crew chief for 63-7868 was Fred Peffer who was with E-Flight from the Naha days. Please see the link from the Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB. below Sincerely EFLTatCCK Vince Acquaviva Jr former Crew chief 63-7868 (E-Flight) http://www.airforce-magazine.com/SiteCollectionDocuments/Reports/2011/September%202011/Day08/AviationMuseum_C-130E_090211.pdf
  22. I was with the 47 TAS at Forbes in 1969-1970 and the C-130 that I Crewed as an assistant was C-130E 64-0533 and it had FB on the tail. The 38th C-130E'S had FH on the tail. We were all under the 313TH TAW at that time at Forbes AFB Topeka,Kansas. This was one of the C-130 TAC Bases that were training C-130 combat crews for future deployments deployments to South East Asia(Vietnam/Taiwan/Okinawa "etc") Sincerely EFLTatCCK
  23. Dutch, You can find info about our unit which is now declassified on the Air America web under the Air America Aircraft section. They even show a few pictures of our Aircraft which we were never allowed to photograph while we were GI'S. Vince ( Former E-Flight) http://www.utdallas.edu/library/collections/speccoll/Leeker/c130.pdf
  24. Dave, I was with E-Flight for about almost 3 years at CCK and our early move to Clark in 74. Our "E" Model Greybirds were 62-1859,63-7868,63-7879,64-0497,and 64-0515. Thay all had the"removable Stars and Bars and Tail Numbers" and were painted anti corrosion light gray. All 5 were GREAT E-Models to work on and I have seen them after my active duty stint when I was in the USAF Reserves. 64-0497 and 63-7879 were assigned at Yokota and went to Thumrait, Oman when my Willow Grove "E" Model Unit the 913th was with them together during Desert Storm. 62-1859 went to the Nevada Air Guard at Reno. 63-7868 went to Rhode Island then to Dyess which I saw when I was at Al-Uhdid,Qutar in 2006. 64-0515 went to Maryland AirGuard,then to Puerto Rico Air Guard. . I would assume all these GREAT E-Models are AMARC now in Arizona. I was first assigned to the "A" Flight at CCK and an assistant C/Chief on 62-1804 . I recognise all the 62's that you talk about and I think I have blanket orders somewhere that has the names of each Crew Chief and Assistant in the Flight. http://www.utdallas.edu/library/collections/speccoll/Leeker/c130.pdf is the website pdf that shows the that c-130's that E-Flight used. Sincerely Vince
  25. Jon, Thanks for the positive quote you made about E-Flight Maintenance Crews. We also had Great and Professional Flight Crews like yourself that could do everything with a C-130 in a combat/short field/classified enviorment. The other acft we had were 63-7868 and 63-7879 as part of the 5 Greybird E-Models at CCK. Vince
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