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  1. Thanks for posting the link, the profile essay is very informative. Can\'t wait till the site is finalized. (Like the airplane pictures I got stuck in the \"Bamiyan\" page) I will share this site to my friends.
  2. How about checking either the fuel control or the atomizer? It might either be both? Also bad ATM maybe? Keep ALCO in mind if you need an APU fixed :)
  3. I will be in Okinawa 23 May thru 2 June. Can someone assist me to bring promotional brochures/capabilities to Kadena Squadron?
  4. :lol: May the force be with you and Congratulations!
  5. Was this picture taken at Kadena AB?
  6. I am from Okinawa and I miss Kadena AB and the activities at the flight line. I was a local tourguide in Okinawa and now living in the US. I am presently working in Alameda where we overhaul GTCP85 APU where the once missile building of NADEP Naval Aviation Depot. Again, Hello to all.
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