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  1. I know Sully very well, he retired out of Scott and now ownes Sully's bar in STL
  2. Well, I can think of a few that wern't all that good but most sure were.. I was there from Apr 78 thru Dec 82 :)
  3. We used to have the load turn on a couple after a co-pilot landing -- he bought the beer that night :)
  4. Google -- MC-130E and Combat Talon -- lot of info pops up
  5. I got this email and thought I would post here -- understand it is also on the Stray Goose and 7th sites -- From: Garry Robb [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 10:33 AM To: [email protected] Subject: History and Beer Hi Dave, I hope that “retirement†is wearing well on you. Since you enjoy History and Beer, I have a proposition for you. Would you be interested in locating an Air Force crew for me? Here are the particulars, if you choose to accept the mission. I would like to make contact with the C-130 Blackbird Crew who delivered us (RT ASP) on the first Combat Jump into Laos. They were out of Na Trang. They picked us up in Da Nang on September 8th and dropped us into Laos at 0400 on September 9th, 1970. It was a static line jump at 400 feet, no reserve. They would have remembered the low level flight and “popping up†to 400 feet for the drop and that we were in NVA uniforms among other things. I have no idea of how to make the contact. Other Team Leaders want to hook up with the Crews that flew their HALO Jumps, later in 1970. So, that would be the history side, the beer drinking will come when we all get together. Are you game for this? I greatly enjoyed being at your “roast†and sorry that I couldn’t stay for the Ceremony and the Friday Night Show, I’m sure that they both were excellent. Please let me know your thoughts on the above. Later. Thanks, Garry
  6. There ya go telling storys on Bates or was it Trash?
  7. yep there were more than one store and depending on what squadron you were in would result in the discount you would recieve. I remember going into different stores -- one I would be in the 8SOS and another the 37TAS -- just needed to remember which was which the next time in town --- LOL
  8. Skip Davenport


    just think of the crew from Dyess that flew a H model to LAX Ontario in the early 80's then when they showed up a couple days later to take there bird home -- the 781 informed them that they now had -7 engines instead of -15's
  9. and don't forget when the next wave happens they will blame the heroes of this country for not protecting there sorry a$$'s then castrate them for not providing better equipment that they refused to buy and pay for because in there view with rose colored glasses on they couldn't see the threat in front of them!!!!
  10. There was a MC-130E and a F-102 off the coast of VA in the early 70's however, they didn't fair as well.
  11. I know a lot of OLD TALON1/FE's which one are you?
  12. yep tis true -- CP upgrade with an FA onboard -- supposidly in the FE seat when they crashed
  13. Saw this from Ernie ODE TO THE HERCULES AVIATOR by Bob Woods Do not stand at my Tomb and weep for me I am not there for I do not sleep you see I am the thousands of Hercs that fly I am the roar of the wind on high I am the rush of a Herc in powered flight I am the beacons that shine in the night I am the odor of jet fuel and the starter whine I am the tire squeal on a landing, that was mine I am the stars that shine at night I am the sun you see at first light I am the jeweled glints on rime covered wings Think of me kindly for I am all these things At my graveside you should not have cried For so long as Hercs fly, I have not died.
  14. sent some pic's last night -- the only ones I have on this computer -- if you will send me your slow mail address I will try to find my 35mm slides I have and send -- also working on more pic's on the computer,
  15. the beaver tail isn't right and the aircraft doesn't look long enought to me -- maybe the scale is wrong. Also, the ramp had buffer boards. Will try to find some pic's when I get home next week
  16. please please put yokes on and extended + fending lines + patchs of 1st,7th, 8th SOS & 1SOW
  17. Welcome gal the more the merrier
  18. I flew "E's" from 1970 -73 then Talon1's (64 E modles) from 1978-1992 -- I am not a LM but a pilot. I was only talking of the briefing we/I gave the jumpers not the rewind limit switch. I do know that the arm that heald the static line in place for drops used to break on almost all BLU-82 drops.
  19. I think you got that wrong. I used to brief if consicious and he gives the signal hand on reserve or on head and the green light was on we would cut him away. Otherwise consicious or unconscious we would pull him in. I don't know of anyone that actually pulled a jumper in.
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