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  1. What kind of pressure are you showing on the pressure gauge in the flight deck? What tanks are you transfering out of? If you are transfering out of other main tanks the transfer is going to be painfully slow due to the low pressure put out by the main tank boost pumps.
  2. Well I guess I have to chime in with my 2 cents, in my 16 years of maintenance experince and countless trips to a lot of unimproved landing surfaces, dirt, volcanic rock, rock and soft ground conditions. I have never had an FE or any other crew member for that matter come up to me and ask me to lower or raise the tire pressures. We would set them at 93 +/- 5 and call them good. I guess I just got lucky and never had to dig an acft out.
  3. From a flyers point of view as per the Dash 1 7808 and 23699 can be mixed in emergencies but should not exceed one half of the tank capacity and will be drained and reserviced with 23699 at the first opportunity
  4. Dave- That is Dyess\'s ISO hanger and the plane at the front gate in the video. I guess they got a new toy and had to show it off. Matt
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