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  1. Correction to FE flying on B-66. on my post. In my eighties, easily confused. 😁 We did have to sit at nav table when no one else was aboard but it was a one pilot airplane and I used to stand behind the pilot and he gave me navigations lessons as we flew around the desert. Sorry about that. ;
  2. I was FE on B-66, kind of. Little late to reply but just saw this post. I was assigned to a C-130 detachment in ElCentro NAS as an E6 flight engineer in 1968 . Detached from Edwards. While our primary job was C130 FE we were also utilized in the B66 and the back seat of the A7 something . Single engine prop fighter of some kind. Basically whenever they needed a non qualified to sit in a seat for a single purpose they tapped an FE or a temporarily assigned pilot, in lieu of flying someone down from Edwards. The B66, when on simple non recon training missions, was sometimes flown sin
  3. Mr Heflin; So wrong on so many levels. I suspect you've never been involved in aircraft maintenance and witnessed the inspection complexity and the hundreds of people who are involved over a long period of time. I was a C-130 USAF crew chief for several years and a flight engineer for over 20 years; including the civil commercial model; L100. The flight engineer inspects the props prior to flight standing on the ground looking up at the blades for obvious defects. Corrosion is not an obvious defect. Its not like the obvious, visual corrosion on your boat . It's hidden and requires Non Destr
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