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  1. Let me rephrase the question. Has anyone done an engine change on the flt line during January in Gander Newfound and how long did it take?
  2. Anybody know who might have the fastest engine change on the flt line in Gander Newfound?
  3. So what could an A&P/I.A with C-130 exp. expect to make an hr.
  4. T56MX

    C-130's for Sale

    The ones at I.A.R. are c-130A's retired military not L-100s (382).
  5. T56MX

    C-130's for Sale

    What about the ones with Tepper and Prescott?
  6. I had found a news clip from a tv station down there that showed both Lynden & I.A.R working the oil spill flying out of Stennis international (RHSA). Does not surprise me that IAR was broke down. If it was N117TG that was down working the spill I think it is the oldest 130 flying (54-1631). Spent 2 summers babysitting the old girl in Spain while @ IAR.
  7. T56MX

    Bird Control

    Here at the city I work at have a corba helicopter on display at our vet. park. Our problem is with birds and the bird crap. We have tried every thing. What are they doing with the C-130 displays? I know it don't take long for bird crap to destroy a A/C.
  8. Try International Air Response in Coolidge AZ. Have C-130 aircraft.
  9. L-382's do not have paratroop door's I think.
  10. N135FF belonged to Hemet Valley flying service I think and the number on the tail was 82. the pics are of the H&P 130 and are not of N135FF. There was also a C-130 N116TG that had 82 on the tail but this was a French number. This A/C crashed in France Sept 6 2000 killing 2 and 2 made it out some how, I know because I was on it.
  11. 450gal over wing cap. and having refuled s/n 54-1631 (N117TG) many times it did not have a SPR drain. We always drained the fuel in to a 5 gal bucket and would get 7-8 gal.
  12. also some did not have the spr drain pump. had to drain in to 5gal bucket
  13. Good story on Nick Dicandia and 160626. Nick was my NCOIC at VMGR-152 in 1976 and again at Cherry Pt. I have somewhere some good pics. of Nick in his younger days at a 152 party in Okinawa and also a pic of myself in the cockpit of 160625 just after it came to Cherry Pt. Time goes by so fast, seems just like yesterday when we got the R\'s and now they are going to the bone yard.
  14. Fritz is not at International Air Response any more. I think it is ether N117TG or 118TG of I.A.R. you can also see the tank doors on the belly and yes the wing tips are red and ext. trails black like I.A.R planes.Spent 5 yrs. at that hell hole.
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